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audioluche 06-16-2006 10:23 AM

error#4 and error #7100, pro tools crash!

Since 3 days, each time (or at least one out of two) i import data (volume, pan, plugins settings, hw inserts, input and outputs, sends, i am pasting my mix template for a project of 22 songs with all the same instrumentation) from a session the another, i got one of these two messages:

Pro tools encountered an error#4 while record enabling one or more track. As a result, one or more audio tracks where record disabled.

Pro tools encountered an error#7100 while allocating voices, as a result, not all audio tracks where voiced.

And then pro tools freeze and i have to force quit the application. When i reload the song, sometimes i get the same two errors and some plugins are disabled. Then i have the message that plug ins where made disabled because of inssuficient ressources but i still have plenty of headroom on my hd3. Once, i also needed to restart the computer (black shadow screen telling you to restart, ouch!).

I trashed the preferences and volume database several times but i still get the errors. Also i can get them while i change a bus or track output assignment or while i move tracks in the edit window.

I have a new plugin, the tc VSS-3. Can it be the problem? I cant try without this one for this session because i use it a lot for this mix. I will try to copy session data without this plugin later but i am not sure if it will change something or not.

oups! forgot to list my setup: PT6.9.1, osx.3.9, g5 dual 2.5, 1.5 gig ram, hd3 accel
If anyone have a clue or can suggest me something, i'm listening to you!


sifter 06-17-2006 03:49 AM

Re: error#4 and error #7100, pro tools crash!
I know you say you cannot mix without the TC plugin, however are you seeing the same errors when it's not installed? If not, the plug is your problem. If so, then maybe we can help out a little more.

1) First thing's first, run your sessions w/o the TC plug. Does this happen?
2) Does this happen with only one session or any session?
3) If you create a new session template, can you import your project with out these errors? (Is your project file corrupted?)

audioluche 06-19-2006 06:10 AM

Re: error#4 and error #7100, pro tools crash!
Thanks for your help Sifter.

In fact, i tried removing the plugin from the session, then i imported the session data in another song and i did not have the usual crash. after i manualy re-inserted the vss3 plugin in the new session, it crashed again. So i think he is the faulty one!
I will do more tests when i have some spare time...
Anyone else having issues with the vss3?

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