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Fraser.Sims 09-07-2013 04:53 PM

Scorch 1.2 closes
Hi, if I change instrument, view in music stand and play, when I select my scores, scorch closes. I have repeated this with many scores and appears to be independent of instrument selected or score format (g7 and Sibelius 7)

Sam.Butler 09-09-2013 07:48 AM

Re: Scorch 1.2 closes
Hi Fraser,

Thanks for reporting this. Can you list the steps you're doing so I can reproduce this more easily?



Fraser.Sims 09-09-2013 11:33 AM

Re: Scorch 1.2 closes
Hi Sam, I select one of my files, open it, select score and select change instrument. Change the instrument. Then go into music stand view. Drag fingers down to start it playing. Stop it and return to normal view. The moment I go to my scores to select a new score, scorch closes. It is the act of playing a file in music stand view once the instrument has been changed that causes the problem. Playing the new instrument in normal view is fine and just viewing a score in music stand view where the instrument has been changed is fine. I have been switching to piano and accordion but the instrument changed to doesn't appear to have any effect. Playing original instrument in music stand mode is fine. It also doesn't matter if I am working in shelf or list view. More than half of my files are original G7 (sib 3 or 4?) ones before I reformatted them in Sibelius 7 to decrease margin and PDF them.

Sam.Butler 09-15-2013 11:39 AM

Re: Scorch 1.2 closes
Hi Fraser,

I can't seem to be able to reproduce this but will pass it on to the testers to have a go too.

It may be specific to your scores so can you post one here or email one to me?


Fraser.Sims 09-25-2013 01:56 AM

Re: Scorch 1.2 closes
Hi Sam. Have attached a Sibelius file on the Sibelius forum as this forum only appears to accept image files.

Sam.Butler 09-25-2013 08:14 AM

Re: Scorch 1.2 closes
Hi Fraser,

Thanks for posting the file. I can't get any strange issues with your score by simply transposing it (by key) and playing it back in Music Stand mode. I've tried a few combinations and it seems to behave normally. You mention the instrument names appear on the left of the staves - this really shouldn't happen when transposing as the trigger to show the names is part of the House Style and not something transposition should touch.

The pitch of some notes starts to get out of sync when transposing by interval by choosing lots of different intervals in quick succession. I'll pass this on to the Testing team to check out for a future update.

The only thing I did see that may cause confusion is the 'Restore defaults' button at the bottom of the Transpose pop-up. This resets it back to the original key but could well not be the right octave. To really restore the file back to its original, return to 'My Scores', single tap on a score and choose 'Remove my changes'. This reloads the original Sibelius score and you'll be back to the right key.


Fraser.Sims 09-26-2013 02:00 AM

Re: Scorch 1.2 closes
Thanks Sam. Just to clarify, I typically have just opened file and changed instrument once and then gone into play. Strange that you can't replicate it as it happens very reliably for me on iOS 6 and an iPad 2. Fortunately, a bug I can live with as I typically don't often play back in music stand mode.

Also I typically don't change instrument of a piece more than once.

I haven't noticed any problems with resetting and this raises an interesting new feature you should consider, in music shelf view, opening the score, I get an option to remove my change as you describe, but with a library of 600 scores, it's a pain to find. From search and list view, the scores open directly and you don't get the option to remove my changes.

As to the name showing or not, I accept it shouldn't get touched, but but it does and really not seen any pattern to it. Will monitor and report back.

But currently, Scorch is great for rehearsals and great to finally see the major bugs fixed. but it is not my number one music score software, hopefully soon, as it will speed up my workflow when I no longer have to convert to PDFs.

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