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Matt Stephanson 12-03-2020 11:14 AM

Re: MTRX Studio DADman-Network Connection Error
Thank you, Jeff!
Will follow your steps and report back.

Matt Stephanson 01-11-2021 08:38 AM

Re: MTRX Studio DADman-Network Connection Error
Thanks for the help, Jeff!
Sorry I've been on holiday since Dec 3 (had to use up some time).

I've set things the way you suggested and the physical LEDs on the OMNI are showing that it's clocking via WC.

The problem now is (sorry, and thanks!!!!), the MTRX does not appear in the PT Playback engine list. Well, it never has yet.
I see the Dante Virtual Soundcard in the list, but it's only 8 channels.
I also don't even see the OMNI HD TB Native showing up, so I must have corrupted my install of Pro Tools. I'll try reinstalling it all today, but if you have any sneaking suspicion based on what you know of how I've set this up, I'm all ears, and starting to almost wonder if I have a bad cable somewhere.

As always, much appreciated for helping!

creativecontrol 01-11-2021 11:01 AM

Re: MTRX Studio DADman-Network Connection Error

Neither MTRX nor HD OMNI are playback engines. They are DigiLink interfaces attached to an engine such as HD Native Thunderbolt or HDX.

If you have HD Native Thunderbolt, make sure the little red light on the front by the headphone output is lit. If not, quit PT, unplug and plug the thunderbolt on your HDNTB. Try again.

Regarding DVS, open Dante Virtual Soundcard (stop it if it is running), click on the Audio Channels pop-up and choose up to 64x64 channels. Make sure your Network Status is valid for the connection speed and subnet it indicates.


Matt Stephanson 01-12-2021 08:40 AM

Re: MTRX Studio DADman-Network Connection Error
Thanks again, Jeff!
I've changed it to 64 ch.
Now to build my monitor profile for the 7.1 outs, system audio, etc.

creativecontrol 01-12-2021 09:59 AM

Re: MTRX Studio DADman-Network Connection Error
Here's a pool of Monitor Profiles for MTRX Studio you can play with:

Let me know if you have any questions.



Matt Stephanson 01-12-2021 12:10 PM

Re: MTRX Studio DADman-Network Connection Error
Thanks, I've copied these and tried to load the Default 7.1, but get this error:

DADman cannot find this unit:
Serial Number MTRXST-100005
Please check that the unit is connected and turned on.
This matrix is so simple, it's got me baffled!
Here's a shot of what I'm trying to set up in the profile, but I'm confused as to where the Digilink (OMNI in this case) is in terms of channel number. They are "x"ed out channels 1-8.


I want to be able to get 16 ch into the MTRX Studio from my mixing desk, and be able to monitor in 7.1 using the 8 analog outs on the OMNI. Just the routing now has me stumped.

I've tried a few configs, but . . . just not clicking in this old head!
Given my setup, could you recommend a profile?

Thanks so much, I've been such a pain.

creativecontrol 01-12-2021 01:01 PM

Re: MTRX Studio DADman-Network Connection Error
Simply go to File > Open Profile > and pick one of the .dmprof files.

Yes, you will get an error basically warning you that the file you've chosen was created on a unit with a different serial number. Not a problem. Do this:

Simply hit Cancel once you get the error. Navigate to Settings > Monitor Profile > Select your unit from the pop-up menu. Tick Enable Monitor.

I'm not sure I understand why you don't want to monitor to your 7.1 speakers through the MTRX Studio? Can you explain why you want to use the HD OMNI instead? FYI - any assignment to that DigiLink interface would only happen in Pro Tools - not in DADman.

Also - the little black [x] shown in the Con panel indicate that output resources are allocated to the Monitor Section and therefore a patch can not be completed to that particular output.



LDS 01-12-2021 01:05 PM

Re: MTRX Studio DADman-Network Connection Error
You only have 32 digilink I/O showing in the routing matrix. I suspect these all reflect the digilink connections between the MTRX studio and Pro Tools/HD Native - your assigned monitor profile with monitor outputs on digilink 1-8 are actually sending your monitor signals straight back into Pro Tools on inputs 1 through 8.

It is the second time a similar question has popped up in recent weeks without an answer, and there doesn't seem to be any info about it in the manual. Does a second Digilink interface attached to the expansion port of a DAD interface result in it appearing in the DADman routing matrix? Traditionally an interface attached to the expansion port of another is passed straight through to Pro Tools.

I have no idea about the intricacies of it. The only thought I have is to check how the digilink I/O is set in DADman (bottom panel where Sync settings are). Digilink mode should be set to Pri/Exp. From there, I would check to see where the Omni is and isn't appearing in both the DADman routing matrix and in the Pro Tools hardware menu.

creativecontrol 01-12-2021 01:22 PM

Re: MTRX Studio DADman-Network Connection Error
I would need more details on your use case to make a recommendation on how to deploy your specific system.

A few things regarding DigiLink settings...

If you have a MTRX Studio with HDNTB or HDX - I would recommend the following for DigiLink in the Conf section of DADman:
DigiLink Mode: Pri/Pri - which is Dual Primary.

Connect both DigiLink cables from Port 1 MTRX ST -> Port 1 HDNTB and Port 2 MTRX ST -> Port 2 HDNTB. This will give you 64 channels of bidirectional audio from MTRX to Pro Tools.

Assuming you have MTRX Studio + another HD series interface like an HD Omni, I would still set the DigiLink Mode to Pri/Pri and connect one interface to each of the 2 DigiLink connections on the engine (HDNTB or HDX) card. Such as: HD OMNI Port 1 -> HDNTB Port 1, MTRX ST Port 1 -> HDNTB Port 2.

Now, let's assume you have 2x HD IO + a MTRX Studio? What to do?

Here's what I would recommend:
(Pri/Pri) MTRX Studio Port 1 -> Port 1 of HDNTB
Port 2 of HDNTB -> HD IO A
DigiLink out of HD IO A (expansion) -> primary port of HD IO B.

How about 3 HD IO + MTRX Studio? Let's go!
(Pri/Exp) MTRX Studio Port 1 -> Port 1 of HDNTB
Out of Expansion (Port 2) of HDNTB -> Primary of HD IO A.
HD IO B connects to HDNTB Port 2
Out of HD IO B Expansion into HD IO C Primary.

Hope this helps.


LDS 01-12-2021 02:53 PM

Re: MTRX Studio DADman-Network Connection Error
Good to know, Jeff. I guess that implies the expansion port works exactly the same way it ever has?

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