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subbasshead 08-11-2021 01:44 PM

Re: New Sound FX Library!
HISSandaROAR 11th Birthday Sale has now started!

50% off every sound library for the rest of August
All sound libraries now have UCS metadata (also now available via SoundMiner cloud)


#sounddesign #gameaudio

subbasshead 08-26-2021 03:50 PM

Re: New Sound FX Library!
21GB of 24bit 192kHz contact mic recording including
Long Wire recordings + Friction Consoles + Glass + Metal + AMB


NOTE: HISSandaROAR 11th Birthday Sale ends in 4 days!
All libraries are 50% off, including CONTACT MIC THREE

Making Of video:

subbasshead 09-30-2021 04:05 PM

Re: New Sound FX Library!

This new miniFX Library release was a request: a dedicated plate smash library!

For 33% early bird discount use coupon code ‘SMASH’
Discount expires October 3.

Check the Making Of video to get a quick idea of the range of practical sound effects.


The tonality of ceramic plates and pottery is quite different to glass, so it has been interesting to vary the angle and form
of hits and shatter, specifically to capture a wide range of characterful and useful sounds.

After sourcing two crates of plates that were otherwise destined for recycling, I destroyed them during lockdown.
Smashes on a concrete slab and a cinder block as well as metal hammer and wood mallet breaks were captured
24bit 96kHz mono via MKH8050 as well as as stereo via MKH8040 pair.

After lockdown was lifted I went back to the recycling plant and got another four crates of plates, first smashing one batch
at an exterior location, and then experimenting with the remainder in the studio. Along with smashes on
a concrete slab, cinder block, hammer and mallet I suspended individual plates on bungy cord and captured a
series of resonant hits, slowly escalating force until each shattered.

Next I sourced some old pottery and strategically smashed it, and began to explore the mountain of debris I had created.
Using hessian sacks filled to varying degrees I captured impacts and movement, which at times sounds like strange armour
or some pirates dream of gold coins.

subbasshead 01-12-2022 01:30 PM

Re: New Sound FX Library!
Stoked to release first new HISSandaROAR #soundlibrary for 2022!

FOLIAGE = 11GB of tree, branch, plant, bush, and vege movements.

Note: 33% early bird discount expires Jan 23rd

Check the Making Of video:

Recorded across two seasons of winter & spring, this new library includes:
leafy branch moves, hits, swishes, passbys, breaks
palm, fern and flax movement
pine, wattle, kawakawa leafy branch manipulation
corn rustles and movement
sustained ambience sweeteners
small scale leaf and twig movement flaps
fresh rhubarb and zucchini leaves, and dead autumn leaves
grass gouges, scrapes, footsteps and scuffs
slingshot bullet whizzes into bushes and ricochets from trees
clay clod and dirt throw into bushes
branch and log hits & drops

subbasshead 06-29-2022 04:18 PM

Re: New Sound FX Library!
New HISSandaROAR library released: SD053 WATER MODULATIONS
A multitrack library exploring water, above & below surface
659 x 24bit 96kHz WAV Files 13.83GB


Check out Youtube MAKING OF video HERE

This library began as a side quest from a DIY project: installing an outdoor bath in my backyard.
I soon realised it had potential for SFX recording, since being exterior there was no
bathroom verb to contend with. But I was further motivated by adding the primary modulation source
for this new water library: COMPRESSED AIR!

My new air compressor provides an endless supply of air bubbles, which can be controlled and performed.
From blasts and bursts to sustained eruptions, variations were performed using a range of nozzles
and air tools. Constricted air flow was also explored, using rubber and plastic as well as my fingers,
to perform shrieks and groans with almost a vocal quality.

Thanks to some well-timed requests, I next explored gross, sloppy sounds by collecting up seaweed & kelp
from the beach and filling the bath with them. Both manually moving them and blowing air bubbles
into them proved useful, and I also splattered them on concrete. Following on from these,
the leather remnants from SOFA SMASH were used, performing flicks, flaps & hits...

Next focus was to capture a range of more normal EXT water splashes, pours, splats and dribbles
before filling the bath and having a soak, while recording myself performing bath movements
- arm & leg lifts, drops and lots of smaller moves.

The strangest sounds in this new library were modulated by fireworks released underwater,
especially ground blooms which spin like crazy, but I also managed to successfully fire some
sky rockets into the bath, without damaging the bath or me.

The final recording for the library occurred late in the process, when I realised the Tank Resonator
would provide interesting resonance. So I filled it with water, carefully hung the mics inside it
and performed a range of air bubbles, clean as well as constricted capturing some
creature vocals that make me think of a very angry taniwha.

Recorded multitrack with a stereo pair MKH8040, a mono MKH8050 as well as a pair of Aquarian H2a hydrophones,
this library augments previously recorded useful foley-like water sounds in SD007 WATER FOLEY
and more extreme sounds with a water blaster for SD024 LIQUIDS.

Delivered as 659 x 24bit/96kHz .WAV files with photos and UCS metadata.
Check out the new library (7.34GB download • 13.56GB decompressed)

NOTE: For 33% Early Bird Discount please use coupon code: "AIR"
Discount expires July 10th.

subbasshead 07-27-2022 05:24 PM

Re: New Sound FX Library!
This mini library started as a listening test for EMF Sensors, comparing the LOM Elektrosluch 3+ and a SOMA Ether
as well as a borrowed LOM Priezor. The prop used to test is a Plasma Ball, basically a tiny Tesla Coil, but little
did I know my Plasma Ball also has a 'sound activated' mode, and late one night I discovered I could get it to feedback!
Check the vid to see & hear what I mean...

Check out the new library
FX013 PLASMA BALL EMF 198 x 24bit 96k WAV files 3.84GB

NOTE: this library has an early bird discount of 50% off, as our 12th Birthday Sale starts in two weeks
& nothing sucks more than buying something only to find it on sale a week or two later!

creativecontrol 07-31-2022 04:20 PM

Re: New Sound FX Library!
Love this!

subbasshead 08-11-2022 03:37 PM

Re: New Sound FX Library!

Today marks HISSandaROAR's 12th Birthday!!

As is our tradition, we have just launched our Birthday Sale with 50% off every library, and a special offer on COMPLETE 110!

The sale runs until the end of the month, and I have some giveaways and other fun stuff planned, so stay tuned...

plus a very special new library release next week!!

105 Sound Libraries
829.83GB of high-quality audio
Nom nom nom!


subbasshead 08-18-2022 03:39 PM

Re: New Sound FX Library!
New HISSandaROAR library just released:
Recording the same props with 8 microphones, including the Sanken CUX100K


Short preview of the props recorded, and microphones used:

aand 10-12-2022 02:49 AM

Re: New Sound FX Library!
1 Attachment(s)
The independent sound community on A Sound Effect is back with 19 new sound effects libraries here:

You can travel to Rome, Northern Italy, Portugal, and Sri Lanka (including a Tuk Tuk ride) in sound, and listen to oceans and lakes in California.

If you are looking for sound effects instead of ambiences, check out handmade wind sounds, a QPlay Cosy trike, grandiose magic, pixel magic, sci-fi drones, sci-fi UI, chirping parakeets, cinematic transitions and swooshes, an analog tap pack, and a cool new layering tool.

Plus, we have exciting new bundles, including a huge horror bundle and everything that Sound Response has ever created. Happy listening!

Hear all the latest releases here


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