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erikogermany 07-09-2020 04:55 AM

Eleven Rack Editor crashes Windows
Hi everybody,

I recently completed a new computer build running Windows 10 64-bit (Educational edition). Hardware is new i5-10400 processor on an ASUS Z490-P motherboard, 32GB RAM. I also upgraded Pro Tools to the new 2020 version.

I also have a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 and Eleven Rack interfaces.

When doing my recent clean install of Windows, I've had repeated issues trying to install the Eleven Rack editor: after completing the install process ("You need to restart your machine to complete the install..."), the system fails to reboot, never making it past the 1st few seconds of the reboot. I get a blue screen informing me that Windows failed to boot, and that it will try and repair itself. It fails to do so, and if I try and repair windows, it eventually has to resort to a clean install again.

The Eleven Rack is running Firmware 2.0.1 (expansion pack). I've installed the latest drivers (1.1.11), and installed the expansion pack software (omitting the firmware upgrader, since I already the most up-to-date version).

Using a Macrium Reflect disc image (after ONLY windows install), I've done this perhaps 6-7 times now. I've tried the Eleven Rack Editor first (after drivers, etc.), I've tried installing after installing Pro Tools and accompanying Plug ins (with PACE, iLok software, so I don't think that's the issue with the Editor). All other drivers for motherboard are up-to-date. No pirated software or cracked plug-ins.

Previous build running same Windows software (10, 64-bit, Edu ed.) on a i5-4th gen with Pro Tools 10 had no problems with the editor. Eleven Rack is otherwise 100% functional (current Pro Tools uses it with full functionality)

Any ideas?

erw 07-26-2020 01:59 AM

Re: Eleven Rack Editor crashes Windows
The same thing happens to me either.
I don't know what to do.
Did you overcome it?

KGraham045 08-09-2020 08:39 PM

Re: Eleven Rack Editor crashes Windows
I am having same issue I have decided not to use it. It worked fine until the Windows 2004 build ... https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/win...0-version-2004

K-Rodz 09-02-2020 02:20 PM

Re: Eleven Rack Editor crashes Windows
I’m having the same problem. I can confirm that the problem has to do with the windows 10 update. I had to install Windows in the first attempt and I. The second try was able to repair windows without loosing any files and other software.
I will recommend not to instal the new windows update if you’re using the Eleven Rack Editor.

frankpc 09-07-2020 06:23 AM

Re: Eleven Rack Editor crashes Windows ver. 2004
Yes. With the Eleven Rack Editor installed in Windows v 1909, you cannot successfully upgrade to Windows version 2004.

I removed the Editor and then was successfully and consistently able to upgrade Windows 1909 to version 2004. Then while in v. 2004, I reinstalled the Editor, which calls for a reboot. Upon reboot, Windows crashes and the only way out is to remove the upgrade - reverting back to Windows 1909.

Good news is I did that three times as I tried to find a solution. And the Windows 2004 BSOD menu allows easy removal of the upgrade and returns you to v 1909 with nothing out of place.

After returning to Windows 1909, the Editor installs normally.

Has anyone been able to use the Editor with Windows 2004 ?

Night Rider 09-07-2020 09:51 AM

Re: Eleven Rack Editor crashes Windows

Same problem here. Clean Win10 (v2004) gets into boot loop after required reboot during Eleven Rack Editor install. Eleven Rack driver installs ok tho.

I'm quite confident that this ancient version of Pace/iLok is the cause. 11R Editors installer does not recognize latest version of iLok installed and forces you to install this legacy version of Pace/iLok and this is where the problem starts.

Very similar story in another thread and posssible solution as well:

Search for thread "411117" (Legacy PACE license support crashes...) in forums Pro Tools Software > Windows section. I can't post links yet. :)

Please note that I haven't had time to confirm this solution with my 11R setup yet. Let me know if this workaround works, thanks.


frankpc 09-07-2020 11:10 AM

Re: Eleven Rack Editor crashes Windows
Thank you N.R. !!

Per your advice, I went to the other thread you mentioned and I posted there. Seems the plan is to use a newer license and to avoid using the legacy license.


I will give it a shot. I think that could be done in build 1909 prior to the upgrade.

It would seem that after a year or so, most people will have upgraded to W10 build 2004. And neither ProTools nor the Editor will work unless Avid takes some action.


Night Rider 09-07-2020 11:30 AM

Re: Eleven Rack Editor crashes Windows
From thread 411117:

"When PT11 prompted the install of PACE License Support (as it always did, even though I had the newest version already installed), I clicked install, as I was always forced to do in order to continue. But, when Windows 10's action center popped up, asking if I trust the developer and wanted to install the software, I hit DON'T INSTALL. The PT11 install software did not error out and continued on as normal, allowing me to install PT11!"

Solution above is for Pro Tools 11 (and PACE), but I guess this would work with Eleven Rack Editor issue as well. Note that Windows UAC should be enabled for this method to work and latest iLok License Manager should be installed for Eleven Rack Editor to run. And still, I haven't tried this by myself yet.


frankpc 09-07-2020 12:04 PM

Re: Eleven Rack Editor crashes Windows
I downloaded and installed the new iLok Manager in W10 build 1909. The older license (2.3...) was replaced with a newer version... 5.3... something. So that went well. I was still able to run the 11R Editor.

I am currently upgrading to build 2004. Still waiting for that to finish.

UPDATE: It worked !! This is the fourth or fifth attempt I've made to upgrade to Windows 10 build 2004. Simply updating the Pace license to (64 bit) enabled the upgrade to happen. And all I did was install it -- it removed the existing older license.

Thank you Night Rider for the tip !!


Night Rider 09-08-2020 06:24 AM

Re: Eleven Rack Editor crashes Windows [SOLVED]
Solution for Windows 10 v2004:

- Download latest iLok License Manager
- Install 11R driver and 11R Editor with PACE
- DO NOT RESTART when prompted
- Install latest iLok License Manager
- Restart
- Run 11R Editor installer once again


Solution for upgrading to Windows 10 v2004:

- Update PACE/iLok before upgrading to Win10 v2004


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