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akopp 02-02-2021 12:51 PM

Any benefit to TDM in 2021?
We have a commercial Studio, doing mostly local and regional, bands, singer songwriter, Simple projects.

Currently running a Mac Pro 4,1 Pretty Maxed out with RAM, Drives ETC. Running ProTools HD 10 With a magma Chassis and HD3. These are the original HD PCI type cards. With 1x 192 Interface and 1x 96 IO

Mac OSX 10, pretty much where the support and updates for all of this hardware end. ( as far as i'm aware )

We are looking to possibly ditch HD all together and move this all to an M1 mac mini maxed out running the standard version of ProTools ( not ultimate )

Studio is built to 24 inputs max, When tracking, almost always are running the session clean, not tracking with plugins ETC, So not a lot of work on the computer in the tracking phase.

We have an antelope Orion 32 extra interface from a project room. that we would use in place of the Avid ones as its pretty plug and go with our DB25 cables.

Main reason for upgrading is the mac and it's limitations. ( not being able to play internet videos, spotify anything thats new and has been coded since then )

To use new VI's and plugins that are available post this system.

Over all system speed, as well as all of the new ProTools Features ETC that simply speed up and help work flow.

Wanted to see if anyone has thoughts on any reason this is NOT a good idea..
Is there any benefit in this scenario to still running an OLD Hd rig?

Is tracking latency basically no longer an issue in small sessions with the power of Computers now vs why you used to need TDM..

Is there any benefit to running an older HD rig in 2020 vs new modern ProTools native?

Thanks in advance!

tonwurm 02-03-2021 02:26 AM

Re: Any benefit to TDM in 2021?
I´m running a dual boot system on a Mac 4,1 (firmware 5,1) ... one partition (Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks) PT10 TDM HD3 for tracking, the other partition (Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra) for mixing on PT Ultimate ... PERFECT :-)

Mark Ziebarth 02-03-2021 02:39 AM

Re: Any benefit to TDM in 2021?
I guess the new Avid Carbon might be a perfect substitute for your studio. The hybrid engine is excellent for recording thanks to HDX DSPs and native processing while mixing.



groovebrother 03-07-2021 08:48 AM

Re: Any benefit to TDM in 2021?
i cannot say upgrading would or might be a bad idea because it all depends on your needs and aspirations with new HW + new plugins.

If you think it's worth it go for it.

Here i almost have same config as you but the mac is 5.1 with chassis filled with original accel cards.
My only regret with it : i cannot install the last & 7th card in order to have more TL Space in true stereo mode. I like the use of reverbs and i sometimes have a set of 8 (forced to use the TL SPACE in RTAS mode)

all acoustic music mostly but i love electro stuff too.
Of course no latency issues at 24/96.
And i'm using very few plugins to mix but if i do :
Main TDM EQs : MDW, MaagEQ4, sometimes the Sonnox
Compressors if no HW available : RComp, Tubetech, TLA 100A, Puigchild, Kramer PIE, API 2500
in RTAS mode i like the Soundtoys stuff like SieQ or Radiator (some of them are TDM), CLA vocals

I feel very happy with all that.

But i have to say that if i had the money for a brand new mac pro + hdx 4 or 5 i'd probably go for it.

If i were in your position, just for the internet stuff, i'd get me another mac pro or imac on second hand market and install something like high siera... even if i do not like the new os x GUI since Yocemite or El Capitan (don't remember wich one was a big - awful - change)

crizdee 03-07-2021 09:17 AM

Re: Any benefit to TDM in 2021?

Running pro tools 10HD on Mavericks and spotify and videos all working fine. i'm running firefox browser.

There are a few things i miss from not being able to update the mac further, but i can work around most of those.


JFreak 03-07-2021 09:36 AM

Re: Any benefit to TDM in 2021?
It will still take some time that everything is Apple Silicon ready, so if you can just sit on your current gear and wait for it. Now is not a good time to do a complete overhaul.

Raoul23 03-07-2021 12:59 PM

Re: Any benefit to TDM in 2021?
Still using my ProTools10HD rig with a magma chassis and maverick. It’s rock solid but I am debating going the HDX or carbon route??

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Grey 03-11-2021 10:31 PM

Re: Any benefit to TDM in 2021?
I still have 3 systems,
Mix++ system, with all major plugins! G4 still rocks
HD1 System PT9 Snow Leopard Mac Pro 4.1 ->5.1
PT 2020, Eleven rack 2015 Mac Pro High Sierra

spiritG 03-29-2021 09:01 PM

Re: Any benefit to TDM in 2021?
Compatibility with old sessions might be one reason. It can be frustrating to load an older session on a newer system and find fundamental plugins and instruments aren't available, or in some cases require costly upgrades.

Virus indigo, pitch, amp farm, soundblender Soundtoys plugins, TC X3, VSS3 may not be available, even TL space is confusing to go from TDM to RTAS or aax (different plug ins different authorizations). Phoenix upgrade is only $65. Old Sonnox might? need an upgrade, etc. Some Native Instruments from that might have been used with PT10 won't authorize any more.
Possibly this won't affect you, but it might be a good idea to keep the PT10HD system available for older sessions.

Bigbottomend 04-15-2021 06:45 AM

Re: Any benefit to TDM in 2021?
Maybe try the Antelope out with PT10HD as its audio interface - see how you feel about the latency...as far as the 4,1's limitations, you could get a second computer such as a souped up iMac 27" for more modern software/mixing and keep the old workhorse doing what it does best, which is reliably recording music. Honestly, the modern native systems aren't really any better than HD systems for recording (in fact they may be worse), but they do smoke the old systems when it comes to editing, plugin loads, mixing in the box and bouncing to disk.

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