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Stixxs 01-14-2010 07:00 PM

Re: Mac Mixes!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by ram130 (Post 1531917)
Hmm I recorded some Jamaican music and dub poetry but that was on a mac with pro tools 7.4 ..I doubt Jamaican music would be accepted here... here the link Listen to Where will be tomorrow & Who Will Be The Champion ...quality of myspace sucks..

Like it ... great vocals on "Where will be.." ;)

Did you master it?...

HDK_Ent 01-22-2010 12:37 PM

Re: Let's hear your latest stuff....right here
Heres a new track i did, first one with the new rig. mixed and "mastered" by me, any inputs or tips would be greatly appreciated.


songs called days begun.

Stixxs 01-23-2010 06:30 AM

Re: Let's hear your latest stuff....right here

Originally Posted by lowlights (Post 1512893)

Here's one - my friend Chris Brunelli's song WICHITA; recorded in my basement studio/"TV Room" in Salt Lake City. No education except RECORDING magazine; but don't blame them!

Recorded on Digi003 with Pro Tools LE 8. Mostly AKG C3000 mics through the Digi pres. A Rode NT4 over the drum kit, with an AKG C3000 out about 6-7 feet for a "room" mic.

Using the PT native EQ and compressor plug-ins, plus the Massey EQ plug-in and the L2007 Limiter on the master fader - just for a db boost for the final mix.

Words and music by Chris Brunelli
Vocals by Chris Brunelli
Guitar and 12-string guitar by Chris Brunelli
Drums by Steve Lyman
Bass and mandolin by Ken Sager

Link not working...can you post again?

Stixxs 01-23-2010 06:39 AM

Re: Let's hear your latest stuff....right here

Originally Posted by spaids (Post 1506757)
This is a site for sharing guitar tones done through plug-ins. I have a couple samples of what Amplitube 2 sounds like in Protools LE.


spaids, nice work there...Amplitube 2 on gtr's., how were the other instruments tracked, if you don't mind? -thx

Shawn32 01-23-2010 01:25 PM

Re: Let's hear your latest stuff....right here
I've been lurking on here since I got my setup a couple weeks ago. :-)
the first three songs are what I've been fooling around with so far just getting used to the software. The other songs are from when I had room mates and one of them had a PT and the DIGI 002 (Think thats what it was :p)

001tony 01-23-2010 03:32 PM

Re: Let's hear your latest stuff....right here
Forgot about this one, overly compressed due to response to loudness war!


rlcowastudio 01-28-2010 12:08 PM

Re: Let's hear your latest stuff....right here
Long time listener, first time caller... Well okay I have posted here before. So I throw my hat into the "this is what I got" ring.


The Lady DaDa instrumental track is the most recent one. The other tracks are older. Everyone who has heard "Lady DaDa" thinks it is something straight out of a CSI adventure scene. I have never watched CSI. If you know how to get me placed in that show, please let me know. Ha ha. Right, as if. DaDa was created entirely with the PT8 factory plugins and two strat tracks using SansAmp.

http://www.soundclick.com/thedraw has more of my recordings there.

Comments are solicited.

I am very excited to see Roy Howell back here after his long absense! He is very talented. Summertime Girls cranks! I have had it on my shuffle list for years.

Blessings, Rawb in Virginia Beach, VA

ankely 01-30-2010 02:48 PM

ScrewMaker Remix of Sol Skugga's "Share Tonight"
Check it here:

ScrewMaker Remix of Sol Skugga's "Share Tonight"

This mix was done in Pro Tools 8.

Sol provided Drums, Bass, and Vocal Stems.

Used some of the original drum tracks layered with the new drum tracks during the choruses.

Used the original synth bass layered with a new bass from Xpand. They played tag throughout the song.

Added an arp using Motu's MX4, a super gnarly synth !!!

Drums programmed using Structure with a bunch of old AKAI sample libraries, a couple of loops chopped up on individual tracks, along with the proverbial 808 Kik 'O' Doom and some Crashes from my Secret Stash of Gnarly Samples.

Guitars were mostly tracked thru MainStage using various Logic amp sims and Waves GTR Solo.

Used a hotrodded Strat thru a Boss pedalboard with goodies such as Dunlop DimeBag modified wah (thanks Geno Lenardo from Filter !!!), Boss Turbo Overdrive, Distortion, Comp, EQ, Flanger, Phaser, Chorus, Tuners, and a Dunlop Volume Pedal.

And of course the E-Bow !!!

Mostly used Digi EQ and DDL, TL Space, BombFactory LA-2a, Fairchild, and JoeMeek EQ and Comp, T-Racks EQ, Maxim, and Nomad Factory Analog Trackbox for the mix.

More Sol Skugga, including more ScrewMaker contributions here:

Sol Skugga at MySpace

Sol Skugga at ReverbNation

Rock On, Rock Free.

Ludia 01-31-2010 06:55 AM

Re: Let's hear your latest stuff....right here
Hey all,

After fooling around for over year and still learning a lot I made a cover of Buckshot LeFonque - Another Day. I just love the song and let my gf sing it in. Hense this is purely a hobby of ours. Now I've been working on this for days and days and heard it soooo many times now that I'm not quite sure it travels well, if you know what I mean.:o Of course I've been comparing it against the original but it ain't the same of course and listened on different audio systems.

I'd appreciate any comments and/or suggestions to make it better.
I created this on M-Powered with the use of 36 tracks most of them with VI's from EWQL CCC and a few with Xpand!


Regards, Luc ;)

Dr Fred 01-31-2010 07:34 PM

Re: Mac Mixes!!!!!!!!
Album #1 all done on PT LE 6.4 (Mac G4) in my garage. http://www.myspace.com/pitsband
Currently recording album #2 on same system.

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