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bigbubbaj 07-10-2005 08:38 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here

Hi guys,

A little female input here
I've just started my new website, SuperPuss. The site is just in it's early days at present but there's downloads of most of my music there and the first new SuperPuss song has just been uploaded.
All the tracks have been either tracked, mixed or mastered (some, all three) by me on my 001 using ProTools. All new SuperPuss material is done completely on my 001.

Some of you will recognise some of my songs and my old username 'Doc'

Cool music!

Roy Howell 07-11-2005 12:26 PM

Re: Latest Stuff...

Hey Roy, the song is awesome, very tight instrumentals. Love the guitar work and your mix. If I had any suggestion it would be to roll-off some midrange on the lead vocals. I LOVE THE SONG!!!!!

Thanks very much, guitaroxx...

superpenguin79 07-11-2005 02:29 PM

Re: Latest Stuff...
Roy: nice on the new one man! this one is going to be a mark in history due to the fact it is the last one on the 001 eh?

Roy Howell 07-12-2005 11:00 AM

Re: Latest Stuff...

Roy: nice on the new one man! this one is going to be a mark in history due to the fact it is the last one on the 001 eh?

Thanks Charlie...yep, 'Crow Logic' is the last thing I'll do with the 001. Almost sentimental about it( )...it's been very good to me. But the 002r and my new setup is gonna be great. I've completely redone my studio, from ceiling on down...still a little more to get done.


superpenguin79 07-12-2005 01:36 PM

Re: Latest Stuff...
post pics when everything is setup man for sure. hehe

Sevenlights 07-12-2005 04:32 PM

Re: Mac Mixes!!!!!!!!
Finally we have MP3's instead of stupid real media here they are....


fredsparky 07-13-2005 04:05 PM

Re: Latest Stuff...
Here's a real rough mix on a short 2 minute song "July" I did last week. I did it using an old 1962 Harmony Rocket straight into PT. In 1962 this guitar sold for 100 bucks. Actually I need to put some heavy strings on it and try it through my Twin.


superpenguin79 07-13-2005 05:28 PM

Re: Latest Stuff...
fredsparky: man, that guitar has a sweet tone to it for the price. Nice clean ring to it. nice track man! peace

fredsparky 07-13-2005 06:04 PM

Re: Latest Stuff...
Thanks Charlie.

IntelDoc 07-14-2005 05:04 AM

Re: Latest Stuff...
This is again another version of the song I have been working on for my latest (old) client. Had JSTUNNER add a bassline from afar. Gotta love the Internet. He played a good line for us and sent it up my way. Thanks bud.... I ended up taking it and shooting it back out to the X73i and reamped it in a way and EQ'd it to get a lower tone. Then had the 1176 on it too in order to fatten her up some. Worked well I think....

Took a lot of the vocal extras out and just ran a straight APEX 460 on him. Crushed the hell out of it with RVox and added some slight 2 tap delay (canot really hear it only on parts.) And added some layered verbs.

The guitars were all API with the 435's. 1176 on them, and then the plugin too in the mix to get them levelled some. (BigbubbaJ infiltrated the system and took a session out of bordom and gave me that idea. thanks dude!) Also gated the toms out so they were not so ringy.

The master chain I tried something slightly different than my norm. Ran the mix out to my Trident 80B to eq slightly, bt then sent it out to my 1176's and pumped the compression that way. Took time to tweek and sound not so pumpy, but I got it alright. Then L2'd it and added PowR dither and wha la... I think that it is pretty much done now....



- Doc

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