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Peteedee 04-13-2020 06:59 PM

Really Pro Tools 8
Hi. I have Pro Tools 8, Win 7, 32 bit. Prob: Can not see any type of VST or RTAS. On my training video, and all the video's I have seen so far, When someone wants a VST , they go to "inserts A-E" and a drop down menu shows
NO INSERT, MULTICHANNEL PLUG-IN, MULTI-MONO PLUG-IN and I/O. And they choose Multichennel Plug and list's of VST's appear.
When I click "Insert A-E" on my program I DO NOT get the same menu, I get NO INSERT,PLUG-IN AND I/O. HELP PLEASE.

JoelG 04-15-2020 07:04 AM

Re: Really Pro Tools 8
Pro Tools doesn't use VST (not natively anyway).

Do you have any RTAS plungins installed? If you check C:\Program Files\Common Files\Digidesign\DAE\Plug-Ins do you see any plugin files in that folder?


JFreak 04-15-2020 07:31 AM

Re: Really Pro Tools 8
Hi, welcome to the community.

Don't get confused about the menu. The difference of a plugin and i/o is that from the plugin list you choose the RTAS software plugin you wish to use, and from i/o you obviously choose the hardware insert you wish to use for connecting your outboard hardware. No insert means if you have something in the slot you can get rid of it.

Difference between multimono and multichannel is that if you for example have a stereo track and want to use a stereo compressor, the multichannel version works the same way for both channels whereas multimono you can have different settings for left and right.

Ben Jenssen 04-15-2020 07:58 AM

Re: Really Pro Tools 8

Originally Posted by Peteedee (Post 2561517)
When I click "Insert A-E" on my program I DO NOT get the same menu, I get NO INSERT,PLUG-IN AND I/O. HELP PLEASE.

Your RTAS plugins, if present in the DAE folder mentioned above, should show up as a sub menu next to PLUG-IN.

Peteedee 04-15-2020 10:07 AM

Re: Really Pro Tools 8
Thank you Joel. The plugin file is filled with files, would they say RTAS at the end of the file?

JFreak 04-15-2020 10:10 AM

Re: Really Pro Tools 8

Originally Posted by Peteedee (Post 2561777)
Thank you Joel. The plugin file is filled with files, would they say RTAS at the end of the file?

No. RTAS would be .dpm file and the newer .aaxplugin (PT10 and later) would be in different folder

albee1952 04-15-2020 02:15 PM

Re: Really Pro Tools 8
Some things to consider:
1-you need the 8.0.5 update to use LE 8 on Windows 7
2-when you installed PT, did you let it install to its default location? That's a must(someone might have small C: drive and think they can install Pro Tools on another drive, but it needs to go onto the C: drive. Sessions DO get created/saved to a separate drive(unless your C: drive is a fast SSD).

Peteedee 04-17-2020 12:36 PM

Re: Really Pro Tools 8
Thank you J. Freak and Albee. J.Freak, there are files labeled .dpm. in the plug-in file that you told me to go into. So if I have any plug-in's in the future, they belong in this file, correct? But this version of Pro Tools only takes RTAS?
Albee, So Pro Tools is working great, not sure if I have that update, is there any way to find out? I have a dedicated hard drive (320 gig) just with Pro Tools on it and I use an external for the music.
I bought the Arturia Midi Controller that comes with 5000 sounds. Can I play this keyboard with its sounds in Pro Tools? If so , how? Also, on the keyboard there is a small section where I can control the DAW (pro tools) Does anyone know how to make that work. Major bummer with Arturia, no 800 number, totally sucks. Thank you everyone. Help if you can.

albee1952 04-24-2020 05:35 PM

Re: Really Pro Tools 8
Midi controllers can be hit or miss on how well they work. I bought the Akai Advance 61 based on watching videos of it in use, but my own experience has been disappointing as compared to the videos. It does however work just fine as a basic controller for playing keyboard parts(and I got a great price as it was a closeout). Assuming your 320GB drive is drive C:, that's fine for now, but in the future, you may find it will get filled up, especially if you add lots of sample-based instruments:eek:

As for plugins, RTAS is the only format you can use(unless you add a VST "wrapper" plugin). Its best to install plugins with the defaults so they all go to the correct folder. With many VI plugins, the sound library can be installed to another drive, but DO NOT install on your recording drive(that would be a performance killer). If you're on a laptop, you would need to get a bigger C: drive(a 1TB SSD would be a great upgrade). With most desktop computers, its easy to add a third(or more) internal drive. My tower runs 5 hard drives:
System(500GB SSD)
Recording(1TB SSD)
Samples(2TB 7200 rpm)
Backup(2TB 7200 rpm)
Backup2(1TB 7200 rpm)
As for the exact version you have, if it works, its likely fine anyway, but clicking on the HELP menu>About Pro Tools will bring up a splash screen with the exact build number. Don't spend tons of money on plugins right away. At some point, your best move will be to upgrade to PT 11(at least). That would allow you to use all current plugins that offer AAX64 support(RTAS is for PT10 and older and is not well supported these days.

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