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KIMJAZ 04-25-2000 06:56 PM

New YAMHA CRW6416SZ, is that compatible
Hi, did anyone expirience The new Yamaha CRW6416SZ Scsi with Masterlist CD ?
Im asking this, cause I already have this cd burner and Im considering Masterlist. In case NOT, Is there another option to replace Masterlist ?

Thx in Advance.



rodgreen 05-05-2000 10:26 AM

Re: New YAMHA CRW6416SZ, is that compatible
i use the yamaha crw6416sX with no problem but then again its the sx no sz... yeah with masterlist.

DigiTechSupt 05-05-2000 02:26 PM

Re: New YAMHA CRW6416SZ, is that compatible
Apparently, the model number suffixes won't effect MLCD recognizing the drive, so long as the mechanism number is listed as a supported device. The same way rodgreen is working with the CRW6416sx model, I am using a Ricoh MP6201s without problems (the MP6201 is the only one listed on the MLCD compato doc). Therefore, you shouldn't have any problems with the CRW6416sz.
However, It is the "e" model that will not work. This is the ATAPI drive, which is not supported.


KIMJAZ 05-17-2000 08:13 PM

Re: New YAMHA CRW6416SZ, is that compatible
Those yamaha's long suffix are annoying.
The drive I have is an internal Yamaha CDRW reads 24x, write 8x, re-write 4x and it's SCSI controlled (adaptec 2490 UW). That's all what i know about it....
so, am i still able to use masterlist ???

ps: sorry for my english !!

Rail Jon Rogut 05-18-2000 10:56 PM

Re: New YAMHA CRW6416SZ, is that compatible

It sounds like you have an 8424sz (the x in the suffix stands for external I believe)... if that's the case, then you should read my post concerning that drive and incompatiblities with some apps on the Mac at http://www.digidesign.com/ubb/Forum4/HTML/000376.html


Recording Engineer

KIMJAZ 05-19-2000 07:48 PM

Re: New YAMHA CRW6416SZ, is that compatible

you are right Rail, thx, That's my drive on the link above.
Thx for the warning.

this is my configuration:

G4 400, 256ram, 10gb ata/66
PT 24 w/ version 5.0
Adat Bridge I/O
Digidrive 9gb
Mac OS 9.04
Motu XT Midi Interface
Logic Platinum 4.2 (dongle USB)
Waves TDM (Dongle USB with imate adapter)

Any chances to work out ??????????

ps: sorry for my english !!

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