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WestPhillySoulzition 12-21-2004 07:18 AM

Re: Mac Mixes!!!!!!!!
Check out this Live Free Jazz session

Recorded live to 2 track while playing. The engineering isnt great since I was recoring as I was playin. But it does sound pretty good.

live Free jazz imporvisational Music with...

Upright bass

Let me know what you think.

Roy Howell 12-21-2004 12:31 PM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here

Another very cool song...great aura to it throughout...I love your voice and style. Your stuff just gets better and better.

spkguitar 12-21-2004 01:35 PM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
Roy, thanks. Much appreciated, as always.

Roy Howell 12-21-2004 10:47 PM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
John Hey,
Cool arrangement of 'Have yourself a merry little Christmas'...very nice, man...you're really good on those keys too...post more when you can.


John Hey 12-22-2004 03:33 PM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
Thanks Roy. I do not typically write classical music; however, the last few weeks I have been in a different kind of mood and I wrote the following two songs.

Lonely Night


The next batch will be more of what I normally do.

Merry Christmas!!!

Chris Coleman 12-22-2004 09:14 PM

Re: Mac Mixes!!!!!!!!

Chris Coleman -

Adapt is great. Of course... I think I could have recorded him on my cell phone's "voice memo" function and it would have turned out good He's amazing! When you have talent like that, it makes our jobs easy!


Thanks, Tom, Trace is a great talent - but his specific brand of acoustic guitar acrobatics is very difficult to record, from both performance and logistics standpoints. The fact that we were able to make it seem "easy" is a compliment, thanks!

Jack Rabbit 12-23-2004 02:02 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here

Here's an older one I've been working on lately. Not at all finished, but in a listenable state.

Me Myself and I


Great bridge. Did you consider moving it forward 2 (?) measures...what I mean is only three "me, myself, and I"s...[maybe nevermind: after a couple more listens, I'm not sure this is a good idea]. I like the prechorus, too. There's probably a technical term for that change of rhythm...

Other things I like:

- that little bass groove in the second verse ("calling out to me", "set me free")
- the bass under the line "I'm side by side with myself..." leading up to the solo
- the countermelody at the end
- that it doesn't fade out

Petander 12-23-2004 08:22 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
Allright... here´s my Christmas Tune for your wives and girlfriends.

This is the song I was talking about in my first post. Lyrics copyrighted to Jukka Lewis, an x- bandmate of mine. All live except Pro-Toolsing like xxxx afterwards - to keep the live sound.

Purple Skies

Camilo Toledo 12-23-2004 11:01 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here


To put you all, in a latin dance mood, this is a little version in "merengue" of some popular songs of the season.

It hasn't been mixed properly, some people told me that the horns are synth-sounding, any ways...
maybe Santa will deliver the session to the Cavell Studios...JO JO JO...


John Hey 12-23-2004 11:39 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
Merry Christmas everyone!!

We got over 16 inches of snow last night and it looks pretty; however, it took me over 3 hours to unburied my car in the drive way. Looks like Santa won’t have any problems tonight with his sleigh!


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