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Nullfusion 09-16-2011 07:15 AM

Strange problem with audio/midi tracks after copy/duplicate

I discovered a strange Problem on Protools LE 9.0.3/9.0.5!!!

independent of session or Computer:

After copying OR duplicating Audiotracks/Miditracks a few times (sometimes after the first, sometimes after more copies) the right end of the track is not on the Grid anymore. --> you can only see this when zooming to maximum!!

Settings are on "Grid", tried it with "Sample" based and "Tick" based too.

I also tried it on another Computer with PT 8 and a PT HD5 and the Problem did NOT appear! Its bad, because you cannot just copy/duplicate right on, you need to check every right edge of your Files manually, because if you just copy on, your sound will change after 3-4 minutes.

I checked it with a Click Audiotrack set perfectly on the Grid and put into a Group, with the Edges perfectly cut. After duplicating about 3-4 minutes you will hear its sound starting to change -> i have put it over a midi beat, which was set correctly "manually" until the end.

This means: your Music will NOT sound the same at the End.

Its very little but i think this is not ok. Its causing phase Problems and other Things because its happening randomly.

Any Ideas??

Thank you very much!! :)

(i use iMac i7, 2,9/12GB with OSX10.6.7 and Protools LE 9.0.5)

Samba 09-25-2011 07:08 PM

Re: Strange problem with audio/midi tracks after copy/duplicate
I have the same problem with Pro Tools.. the bar doesn't reach the end of the grid after duplicating just a few bars twice!
Does anyone know if there is a fix for this?
I'm running 8.04 on a macbook pro

Stig Eliassen 09-25-2011 07:17 PM

Re: Strange problem with audio/midi tracks after copy/duplicate
From the manual:

Sample Rounding and Edit Operations

When audio material in Pro Tools is samplebased,
some amount of sample-rounding may
occur with some edits when the Main Time
Scale is set to Bars:Beats. This is most evident
when you need audio regions to fall cleanly on
the beat (as when looping) and notice that the
material is sometimes a tick or two off. With a
few simple precautions, this can be avoided.
To ensure that selections are precise aligned to
the grid for looping, copying, duplicating, or repeating,
consider the following:
If you use the Selector tool, enable Grid mode
and select the appropriate grid value (such as
sixteenth notes).

For the greatest accuracy, type the selection
Start and End points in the Event Edit area.

Do not select the material with any of the
Grabber tools (or by double-clicking with the Selector


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