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AxelG 11-12-1998 09:02 AM

ProTools for NT to early?
I've read thru all the messages and I think I know the reason why a few things are

ProTools for NT is coming to early...

1) For those working with Audio & Midi NT 4.0 is definitly not the right
OS. Where are the Midi drivers for interfaces like Opcode and Motu?
2) Steinberg & Emagic are going to release NT-Version of their audio sequencers in 1999 - but certainly not under NT 4.0...
3) Digidesign system requirements for ProTools on NT mentions an AGP
graphics card (probably to keep graphics action away from the PCI Bus). As
far as I know AGP is not supported by NT 4.0
4) Finally: Why releasing an audio workstation for NT right now?

To me the answer is: Everything is going to work out fine with Microsoft's
release of Windows NT 5.0. This OS will be a proper workaround for those
who are into multimedia, music etc. Maybe we will have to wait for the
summer of '99 until ProTools for NT (5.0) becomes a serious choice.

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p1 11-12-1998 01:52 PM

Re: ProTools for NT to early?
As a uswer of PT/NT i'd like to answer a few points you make...
1. Not the right OS?? Well, I don't need an Opcode or MOTU interface. The MidMan 4x4S DOES have NT drivers. Timing is solid and 4 ins & outs are plenty for us (a pro post studio).
2. If they're not going to use NT 4.0, waht version of NT will they use. There's nothing else available yet, and when there is I assume PT/NT will work under it.
3. AGP IS supported under NT...that's what we're using (an S3 Virge/GX2). It's cheap and works great. BTW, I beleive that AGP is essentially kind of PCI based.
4. Why not??
Why assume that nt5 (which MS is now calling Windows 2000) will be an improvement. I CERTAINLY didn't find Win98 to be an improvement over 95 <G>.

Feel free to wait as long as you like to get a PT/NT system...meanwhile, those of os who have them will continue to be productive (and make money) while you wait <VBG>...

Denny Conn
Project One Audio

Echo studios 11-12-1998 02:37 PM

Re: ProTools for NT to early?
Oh Yeah.. agree with p1 here !

As a new PT/NT user too, believe me its really an excellent system...no probs so far
This is true that Opcode and MOTU are not going to release their NT drivers soon but in our case we'll end up with a MIDIMAN 4X4 and instead sell our opcode midi interface which wont support NT 4.0 at all.
After all, there is always some workarounds these days!

Remember, b cre8tiv!

-dan d.
Echo studios

AMG 11-12-1998 05:42 PM

Re: ProTools for NT to early?

AGP is based on PCI, and in fact is pin compatible. AGP is supported by NT, but the full true benefits and potential of AGP graphics won't be realized until NT 5.0 aka Windows 2000 (terrible name). Things like AGP DMA and AGP pipelining.

JFJR 11-12-1998 09:59 PM

Re: ProTools for NT to early?
Cakewalk runs under NT 4.Logic 4.0 will run under NT(According to a rep early next year).At a digidesign demo they had beta drivers of an Opcode studio 64 running under NT 4.Emagic has NT beta Unitor drivers.If you need to do midi and audio its possible under NT 4.
Do you know that the PT software allows you to import midi files?Its not a full-blown sequencer but you can have midi and audio tracks together.
As for question 4 -Most pro software (audio-graphics-cad)run on NT workstations.

Przemek 11-13-1998 03:06 PM

Re: ProTools for NT to early?
But we have to "bomb" Digi with one thing - MasterListCD/NT. Now we will _have_ to use Wavelab or sth - and without wavedriver it is real pain. So, Digi, what about NT solution for Red-Book audio?

Echo studios 11-13-1998 03:19 PM

Re: ProTools for NT to early?
you can still record, edit, process, mix, all your audio files inside PT|24, bounce them in a stereo pair and finally open them in SF4 CD arch to burn them on CD.
You just have to get another soundcard to be able to playback audio inside SF4 such as an SB64 or SBLive.

trust me PT|24 is really worth it ! :-)

Echo studios

Przemek 11-14-1998 04:14 AM

Re: ProTools for NT to early?
Yes, Dan, but I still need another soundcard :-( and it takes valuable PCI slot that can be used for MixFarm ;-)

Przemek 11-16-1998 12:00 AM

Re: ProTools for NT to early?
>I'm interested in PT|Mix/NT. It will be available* 12'98 I hope. When will I
>be able to buy Gold Bundle for it?

No plans at this time to support PT NT.

***** Mitch Thomas
* Waves Support & Sales


JFJR 11-16-1998 08:26 AM

Re: ProTools for NT to early?
I got the same email a couple of weeks ago from Waves(I think I posted it). So far TCWorks,DUY and Wave Mechanic have said they are planning on devolping for PT NT but they are waiting on SDK's(software devolpment kits)from Digi.I'm suprised Digi hasn't sent these out yet.Antares and Lexicon haven't responded and Stienberg said it had no plans to support PT NT.
I guess if PT NT sold enough and enough users emailed Waves I bet they'd support it.It suprising that they would support Motu's MAS format but not PT NT.OF course the longer Waves wait the more other companies can hack their ideas.(Anyone notice Digi's Maxim is a lot like the L1?)

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