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Roy Howell 05-03-2005 10:03 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here

Hello all

I have a new tune here called " Buzz ". It is a rock instrumental. In "Buzz" there is a click or chirp in the mix that shows up here and there. It's from a new pick i was trying out. I didn't realize it until it was too late. I was not into rerecording all again.



Nice track...well played...it reminds me a little of Focus/'Hocus Pocus', but is of course unique in itself. I also like the 'chirp pick' sound...adds character to it...

Well done...


Roy Howell 05-03-2005 06:22 PM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
mykhal c-

hey roy. thanks for takin' a listen.

i had the same problem when i had my default mp3 player set to Itunes. when i set it to windows media player i had no problems listening to it. so try it with wmp.

let me know if works that way!! thanks...mykhal

mykhal c-
Still can't get the Traxsource songs to download or just play...is that one of those that you have to join to hear songs?...still wanna hear it.

thanks, Roy

Jack Rabbit 05-03-2005 06:31 PM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
Yann - cool site.

Roy - great arrangement on Paint the Desert Wind.

Here is someone to watch out for in the future. Her name is Rebecca Perkins. I met her in a singer-songwriter competition where we were adversaries...now friends. Recorded a 3-song audition CD for her (for a folk festival).

Summer House
Likeness of You
Warm Body

Anyway, thought my Mbox measured up to the task for this demo...but I think the room was a little echoey. Wood floor, bare walls, my fault. Recorded live, two Beta 87A's, she plays a Martin. Used DVerb and Digirack Compressor. This is my first try at recording someone other than myself.

mykhal c 05-04-2005 12:57 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
hey roy. man, i don't know what's up. you definitely don't have to pay to listen to the samples. so you set WMP to be the default mp3 player right??? i'm at a lost now. i've got a sample of it that i'm about to post to my website so i'll shoot it to your email address. and i really appreciate you hittin' me back. let me know what you think once you've had listen. thanks...mykhal

Wicked-Mama 05-04-2005 06:15 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
Hi Jack, the songs are cool, a very intimate recording indeed... I agree about the room, but anyway, very nice to hear. By the way, have you listened to the song named Superstar on my site ?

Thanks for your comments.

DR.Loop 05-04-2005 07:58 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
Thanks Roy.


Roy Howell 05-04-2005 10:50 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
mykhal c,
Thanks so much for sending the song...she is indeed great, and the song is cool too. So, you're playing bass, right? Great job...


mykhal c 05-04-2005 11:16 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
hey roy. glad you got it and glad you liked it!! yeah, i really dig the singer's voice!! she's got some pipes. and you are right, i did play bass on the track. once i get my site up this week i'll begin posting some songs there. and hopefully things will work first time around thanks again roy. peace...mykhal

IntelDoc 05-04-2005 09:03 PM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
Another rough mix from the band tonight. Need to get the kick out a tad more... Guitars are cut at the beginning, but not at the end. Still working that as they did not play to a grid, but I was able to duplicate and cut and paste them pretty easy. Got to use the new SM-7B tonight on the vocals along with the new (and working meter) 1176. Yep! Bought a second 1176 and it looks sweet in the rack. I am please with the mic so far, but it is an entirely different beast. Ran it to the X73i and into the 1176. Sounds pretty good I think. The bass was the RBI into the other 1176 and then the Apogee.

Hopefully will mix this more tomorrow night. They are back in to finish the rest of the stuff tomorrow. I also added the intro part and took the 4 cymbal (bell) hits off. did not like it.


Any ideas are highly appreciated.... It has been busy and my ears are dead. Need to get that kick out a tad more I know.... ran it in pretty hot too....

rough mastered too...

- Doc

scottedog 05-04-2005 09:37 PM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here

Sounds really good. I like the guitars/bass. To my ear the snare & the vox could be brought forward in the mix, along with the kick like you said. Maybe a touch (more) of quick delay on the vox? What d'ya think? They sound good though. Cool intro too!

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