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Aussie169 02-16-2003 04:01 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
Gene - Very nicely recorded. Instruments sound very natural. The only thing I can "pick on" is that it gets a little loose on occasions. But it's not too bad, and actually gives it a bit of a live feel, which I think is what Steals is hinting at?
Excellent work

Micah - Catchy tune. The vocals are way too quiet, and the acoustic is too loud. I understood very few words. The voice has a cool quality to it, so don't bury it. Also the mix is a bit busy for me. I'd get rid of the keyboards, it really doesn't add much IMHO.
As I said, catchy tune and interesting vocal sound. Worth persisting with.

Brian - I don't care what "Mr Mudslide" says.... I like it when the snare cracks, that's why I bought a piccolo [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Nice beat. Are you using samples or midi? Or is it live playing?

Roy Howell 02-16-2003 09:46 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
"Brian - I don't care what "Mr Mudslide" says.... I like it when the snare cracks"... [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] (That one got me, Mark... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] )

Glad to see you accomplished your goal of doing 'Rite of Spring' w/ guitar, bass, and drums. (You mentioned doing this to me what, about a year ago?). The piece itself is not something I would listen to normally, but you did a very good job with it, in my opinion. After hearing the first raw punk songs you played me, I wasn't sure you could pull it off, but you definitely did, and I commend you for it. Good job, man... [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

Gene Backlin 02-16-2003 09:55 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
steals - Thank you, it was not the original idea I had in mind, but that is how the tune played itself out.

Mark - "it gets a little loose on occasions", Yup, I agree. I did a morning after re-mix and tried to make a few tweaks. I know what track is out a bit, but I don't have the time at this point to do a re-take. It is not often I get as much time to play as I did for this one, I'm very grateful for the time I had. My wife has pointed that out ;-). Thank you so much for your kind words.

Take Care,

Capeach 02-16-2003 05:47 PM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
Here's a group I recorded & produced over a year ago on the 001. It was one of 1st serious attempts. The band is doing quite well with it's CD sales.

I thought it was pretty good at the time but now I listen back and think I could have done so much more. What time will do.



Karma Eng. 02-17-2003 12:13 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
Hey all you can check out some of my bands stuff at http://www.mp3.com/catalyst-theory
This is my first project as a singer and had only been taking lessons for about 3 months at the point when this was recorded,we are getting ready to redo this stuff once our new bassist is worked in. I think the mix could've been better too but I found it hard to concentrate on since my vocals were not as good as I wanted them to be, and I do find it hard to mix my own stuff anyway. Any constructive comments would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking about using auto tune to correct some stuff on this and then relearning it from the fixed stuff. I did take some time and learn the vocal lines on guitar and practice them that way now which is helping alot. Sorry for the long post. My Mp3.com site

Micah777 02-17-2003 12:23 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
steals- thanks for listening. I appreciate it.

Mark- The vocals may be a little low at the beginning but I don't like mixes that are all vocals and have instrumentation as an afterthought. I do agree with the lead being too loud. It sounded good blaring through my monitors but it sticks out a bit at normal volumes on other players. I would have fixed it but I wanted it done for today and I recorded it for free and I was tired. Too busy... maybe at times I just had some different ideas and after taking the time to record them it seems a waste to throw them out. I know that's what producing is all about but when your also the one taking the time and takes to record you want it in there. By the way, I've heard the song a 100 times and I still don't know what he says in some places.

steals 02-17-2003 12:52 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here

Aussie169 02-17-2003 03:36 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
I know what you mean about saying 'enough is enough' on the freebie sessions. Check out the 'something different' track on the first link listed below and you'll see what I mean [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
Please take my comments as my opinions only. I ain't no pro and just call it like I hear it. And the 'busy' comment is just personal taste. But hey, I've been guilty of that myself more than once. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

Micah777 02-17-2003 07:03 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
Hey Mark,

I didn't take offense to any of your comments, I actually agreed with all of them to some extent. I appreciate you telling me what you heard. You should take another listen to it. I boosted the vocals a little and lowered the lead guitar. I also added EQ so the bass shows up a little more. I'm not so sure about the bass boost though. It sounds great through my monitors and good through my cd player but it's too bassy through my computer, but then again everything is bassy through my cheapo computer speakers.


NoviceDollars 02-17-2003 08:33 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
new tune for my latest project called "cost of living"

Can't Sleep

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