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stut5 12-28-2002 04:40 PM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here

Originally posted by da BaSsTaRd!:
here's one more... its kind of 80's or maybe 2080's... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

[URL=http://basstardz.dhs.org/mp3/other_worlds.mp3]http://basstardz.dhs.org/mp3/other_worlds.mp3[/UR L]

<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Hey Dabasstard thats a cool song. [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

da BaSsTaRd! 12-28-2002 06:24 PM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
it was written by my friend, richie. i arranged the drums, played bass and sang, richie played keys and my friend, gary, played drums. the keys were reason 2. please sign my rewire petition!

Roy Howell 12-28-2002 07:35 PM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
Sounds great, man... your vocal is really good. Man, you've learned the art of presence so well, I can't believe it. Those drums sound great, spread out like they are. Coolness... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

I have to apologize for waiting so long to listen, but I finally got the chance. I tell you, I love what you did with it. The vocal treatment is excellent (and what a killer melody to work with). Very good job. Have you heard anything on that yet...has the judging been done yet? Great job, man...

Thanks, Roy

I'm still listening to some others, too.

neatguys 12-28-2002 08:36 PM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
Hey guys please check out my tune at

The song is 9 daze 4.
I did it over christmas vacation with 9 days off ,hence the title.Its just acoustic guitar and sampletank xl
Thanks to dabasstard for the upload page.
I just dragged the tune to my desktop to open it.
I mixed in the headphones and through my 20.00 pc speakers. This is my first offering. I need a better mic, better monitor speakers(thinkin about the alesis powered 300.00 dealys)better guitar (used a fender 200 kit acoustic)
I have had the digi for about 8 months now and it and sampletank and of course you guys have all changed my musical life.
Awesome post to showcase the 001's potential Roy!!!
Wonder how many you helped sell?
Digi should send you a strat.
Have you ever checked out those sperzel locking tuners?They will eliminate those string trees but the wife wont like you modifying the new ax!

murph16 12-28-2002 11:09 PM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
da BaSsTaRd,
Nice...yea a little "Howard Jones thing" going on there. Love the drums...BIG!! I love BIG drums!
What did you mean you arranged the drums and Gary played them...you mean you assembled them later, or you "wrote" the drum part? Just curious what you meant.

Murph [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

murph16 12-28-2002 11:24 PM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
Thanks for the kind words. I must say I can't take credit for the vocal sound. I didn't record them. The loops were right off the master from the label. Sounded great from the get go.
I did, however, add a vocal track (my own voice), muted it and sent it through a bus using just the verb return. I sang the tune slightly out of time in some spots to give the verb a "disconnected" feeling.
I was able to spend eight hours straight mixing that because her voice is so sweet and easy to listen to.
No word on the winner yet...but I'm not holding my breath. There are 755 entries!! And each of them was unique...cool contest.
They have them regularly and you're not required to use ACID for the remixes. You just have to use at least one of the elements they provide. Then you can add anything you want. I added acoustic guitars in my case.
Pretty cool experience to come up with your own vision on a mix, and then surf through the other entries and hear what hundreds of other did. I learned alot!

It's good to see this thread alive and active again. We need to keep doing this stuff.

Keep 'em comin' guys!! [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

Roy Howell 12-28-2002 11:40 PM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
Well, I hope you win, though whether you do or not, you did an excellent job on it. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

Whoa! What a pleasant surprise... I really, really enjoyed '9 daze 4'. It could easily be a soundtrack for a film. It builds so well... I love the guitar sound, and you did a great job on the mix. Very nice, man. Please let us hear more as they come.

Thanks, Roy

DDP 12-28-2002 11:40 PM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
neatguys- can't get to your download. maybe it's me, i'm stuck on a mac tonight and have no idea what i'm doing on it. i would assume the i'd click on the link just like a pc but then again.......

murph16 12-29-2002 12:23 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
I can't either.

Roy Howell 12-29-2002 12:46 AM

Re: Let\'s hear your latest stuff....right here
I just clicked directly on the site, which opened to a file of songs, then right clicked on the song itself, and did a 'Save Target As'. So that won't work for you guys, huh?

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