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albee1952 07-27-2022 04:39 PM

Re: Sharing Pro Tools audio over Zoom on Windows
I side-stepped problems by running ZOOM on a second laptop with its own interface. I sent one of my available headphone mixes from the PT rig to the interface line inputs(all sends at -0 and post-fader matched the main mix, assuming no fancy bussing). Took a line out from the second rig and fed an AUX track in the session with Mute-O-Matic to mute when playback was rolling(same with 3 other TB tracks in my studio). There's often multiple ways to skin a cat:o

The Weed 08-12-2022 11:28 AM

Re: Sharing Pro Tools audio over Zoom on Windows
I'm going to bump this to extol the virtues of RME's TotalMix, something I was leery of at first and now can't live without.

I’ve been trying to help a blind guy in Rome, Italy get Cleanfeed and similar into his DAW (Reaper). He’s on Windows and was trying to use Voicemeeter to do it, but, of course, being blind it’s very difficult for him, if not impossible.

I explained to him, as I did above, how I have my onboard soundcard cabled into my interface (RME UFX) to get audio from - and to - a browser-based, two-way audio/video app like Cleanfeed and then use Pre-Fader Sends to route any audio I want going back to the browser app to an output on my interface and cable that back to the Line In on my onboard soundcard. Old school, but it works.

Unfortunately, he has an Apollo Solo, and UAD doesn’t play all that well with Windows or Chrome apparently. So, he was thinking of getting another interface like an Audient Evo 4, which is great in one respect as it has Loopback built in.

It got me thinking about how I could route signals into and out of Pro Tools or just to my speakers without using physical cables like I’m doing now.

Getting audio back to a browser app is easy enough using TotalMix, just Loopback the signal at the output to the same input on the interface and set that input as the default in Control Panel>Sound>Recording Tab, and the browser will use that as the “microphone”. In my case that’s output/input 5.

The tricky part is getting the browser audio to Pro Tools. I set the default for the Playback Tab to ADAT 1-2. Then I opened the ADAT 1-2 channel in the Software Playback section of TotalMix and routed its output to ADAT 3-4 in the Hardware Output section and Loopbacked that output to the ADAT 3-4 input in the Hardware Input section of TotalMix. (You have to show ADAT 3-4 channel in both Hardware sections too.) Then I set the input of a Stereo Track in Pro Tools to ADAT 3-4. The sound before, being cabled in was okay, but, without any audio playing, you could hear a background sort of hiss, especially in headphones. Now, the audio is crystal clear, even in my headphones, no background anything.

To just send the onboard soundcard’s audio to my speakers, I just route the ADAT 1-2 channel’s signal to them and unroute the audio going to ADAT 3-4. I just made two different Presets in TotalMix, one for browser audio into and out of Pro Tools and one for the onboard soundcard’s audio just to go to my speakers. Because RME’s drivers are multi-client, I can do this and not freak out Pro Tools.

And this is all without any physical cables and without anything being attached to my ADAT connections. Virtual “cables” and virtual “inputs and outputs”.

There are some settings in the Properties of both the Playback and Recording defaults that I found I needed to change, and I’ll go into those settings if anyone is at all interested. Which no one probably is. You may not have even read this far before nodding off.

The funny thing is, for me anyway, I think I’ve delved fairly deeply into TotalMix and yet I’ve barely scratched the surface of what it can do <sigh>

Jimmix 08-13-2022 01:18 PM

Re: Sharing Pro Tools audio over Zoom on Windows
The ASIO driver for the UA interfaces is sometimes problematic, and it seems the WASAPI works better in some situations especially when trying to use the driver with Chrome or some other apps. I have noticed this when using Source-Nexus in Reaper along with a UA interface.... the DAW may work and pass signal correctly when selecting the WASAPI driver instead of the ASIO driver

Also be careful in Windows because it is possible to monitor or "listen" to a driver's output directly. Look under the properties/recording/listen for each device. If it is set to listen when it should not be then it can cause unwanted loops.

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