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datacrime 07-11-2020 10:36 AM

MIDI thru sync issues, Digi 003 rack
Hi all,

I'm using a PTLE 8 with a Digi 003 rack.
I recently reorganized / rewired my studio. I used to keep things pretty simple and plug machines directly to each other for midi control. The only midi that would come from the computer was clock out to all the devices.

Now I've set things up so everything is connected into and out of the computer. Two thru boxes are connected to the two MIDI out ports on the 003, sending clock and notes. One merger taking MIDI from a master keyboard (Moog Matriarch), Digitakt and an MPC1000 into the one input on the 003.
This way I can rout MIDI inside Pro Tools, from and too whatever I decide, without re-arranging cables.

The problem is I've noticed this has introduced massive midi latency... Something I've never really had a problem with in the past. Things are fine when they are simply getting clock. But sending notes into the computer and then routing them out to another synth throws the timing off. Most of the time it's just late, but they degree by which each individual note is late also changes (some times things will sound almost shuffled when they should be straight for example).

I've noticed this only happens when the clock is running on Pro Tools.
For example: I have set it up right now so the Digitakt is sending both audio and midi to pro tools, one drum track and one midi sequence. I then rout the midi out to channel 5 on thru box A, this is connected to an Access Virus synth. If I hit play on the digitakt with the clock stopped on Pro Tools everything is perfectly in sync. However, if i hit play on the computer the drums and synth line will play out of sync and with the previously mentioned issues.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated ! :)

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