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eytan 07-06-2006 10:25 AM

Re: Venue Tips & Tricks


It would be real neat if the pedals could be made to map to the tap tempo button.....

I agree...but because of the way the system is designed this is not a trivial thing to do, or we would have done it already. Basically, plug-ins run in a separate software environment so that the core system functions - control surface communication and basic chanel mixing - aren't compromised in the event a plug-in fails. To make a footswitch "talk" to a plug-in we have to create a communications bridge between the footswitch ports and the plug-in environment, and must do so in a way that doesn't compromise system stability. That's the tricky, time-consuming part.


How about making an effects delay unit which is not a part of the plug=ins software environment. You do have compressors and gates which are not plug-ins. That way it would probably be easier to assign a tap button or footswitch. Would that be possible?

Sheldon Radford 07-06-2006 11:09 AM

Re: Venue Tips & Tricks
Clever idea, but it'd be much more work to add a tappable delay as a core mixing function than to enable the footswitch functions to talk to plug-ins. The beneift of enabling tempo w/ plug-ins is that the user can choose any delay plug-in they want.


kleefurd 11-09-2006 03:42 AM

Re: Additional 16 Auxes!!!

if you need more than 24 auxes, think about your setup. if you do monitors you mostly spend a whole auxsend for one simple reverb, eg. main vocal. you can free that aux and use the matrix to feed that reverb. put the matrix pickoff to post fader. than use the user input of the matrix to feed the matrix with the desired input channel. now initiate a reverb and use the matrix as the input to the plug.done. you get 8 matrix mixes and 8 pq mixes if you like. you can do cool setups with each tom of a drumset with a different reverb. takes only 3-..... matrixes depnding on the drummer. the big advantage compered to insert it in the channel is that you have access to ther return. you can adjust it for every musician saperately.

have fun

Alternatively, you can also use "direct out" to do just that. Feed the "return" of the reverb (in this case reverb for vocal) to an unused channel or FX return and you free up another valuable Aux.

Sheldon Radford 01-08-2007 05:23 PM

Re: Venue Tips & Tricks
Pete Keppler (FOH for Nine Inch Nails) duiscusses some of his favorite VENUE techniques in this Mix magazine article:

VENUE shortcuts

Not all of these are considered "officially supported" (we've never tested using an iPod as a USB drive, for example), but all in all some good tricks to be had.

SteveGam 01-27-2007 05:16 PM

Re: Venue Tips & Tricks
So I tried the Ipod trick - Doesn't work for walk in music. When you connect it (using d-show version 2.5 software) the Ipod goes into the famous "do not disconnect" screen and you lose the ability to manually operate it. It will charge however. It does not show up in my plug-ins list either, if I create the same plug in directory path on a flash drive it will load it.

So at least I can charge it! I didn't buy the console to run an ipod!!!

Sheldon Radford 01-27-2007 11:11 PM

Re: Venue Tips & Tricks
Hi Steve,

The iPod "tip" is misleading in a few ways. The iPod won't pass audio into the console through the USB or FireWire connector. A separate analog connection from the headphone output would have to be used. Also, I think some iPods require a setup step in order to be used in hard disk mode. Perhaps this explains why the plug-in installer folder wouldn't appear.

Either way, it's not a configuration we can support or recommend. The tip came from a VENUE "power user" who managed to somehow make it work.


dstagl 01-30-2007 08:32 PM

Re: Venue Tips & Tricks
Events Manager Tips/Tricks

These are pretty easy, but I'm liking them:

- Repeating Shows

If you're doing multiple shows in the same day here's an easy way to make sure you don't forget to reset. Create a blank snapshot at the end of your show and call it "End of Show" or "Next Show" or whatever. Now create an event. Set the trigger as the recall of that snapshot. Now set the action to recall your very first snapshot. Now your show will automatically loop.

- Snapshot mute groups

On rare occasions I want to automate them. Create an event. Set the trigger as the recall of the snapshot(s) where you want them automated. Set the action to mute or unmute the mute group.

- Fun w/ Delay

I haven't tried this to see if it actually works sonically, but it works in the standalone software. I like riding the delay return instead of the send (I've tried riding the send, but couldn't get a feel for it). I've been trying to find a way to control the send as well so when I ride up the return it only delays when I want it to. Create an event. Set the action for when your delay return fader drops below your preferred threshold (I'm going to try it at -140 dB to start). Set the action to mute your delay send. Now duplicate it and reverse it so that when the fader moves above the threshold the send will unmute.


Sheldon Radford 01-31-2007 07:21 PM

Re: Venue Tips & Tricks
Alternate Display Modes on D-Show Profile

Insert Mode (when active) uses the Output section display to display and adjust plug-in settings and can be used in one of two modes: two-line or single-line.
The default is two-line mode, with plug-in parameter names on the bottom row and parameter values on the top. While holding the Default (Alt) button, press the Insert Mode button to toggle the display into single-line mode, which places the plug-in parameter names on the top row (automatically replaced by parameter values when an encoder is adjusted) and the output bus fader names on the bottom row. Use the same Default+Insert Mode button press combination to toggle between the two modes.

There are also two modes for the Input section displays: parameter name and parameter value.
The default is parameter name mode, which places the name of the assigned parameter along the top row (e.g., Input Gain). This name is temporarily replaced with the parameter value when an encoder is moved. While holding the Default (Alt) button, press any assignable encoder parameter button (Gain, HPF, Aux, Comp Thresh, etc.) to toggle the top row of the inputs display to parameter value mode, which displays the current value of all encoders. Use the same Default+<assignable parameter> button press combination to toggle between the two modes.

mixFarm 03-31-2007 01:19 PM

Re: Venue Tips & Tricks
big trick to make a TURE post fader delay send on the fader next to the channel you need!!! you know having a main vocal and you want to ride the aux send from a channel fader. no problem with venue:

1. go to plugins and open TRIM on a free slot
2. the input of that plug is the direct out of your channel, lets say main vocal.
3. pickoff must be POST FADER. be shure you set this up in the options
4. the output of that TRIM plug goes to the channel input of the fader next to the main vocal
5. switch the dealy send off on the Main Vocal Channel
6. switch the Delay send on and on 0dB on the new channel

have fun riding your delay like nobody else can do!!!

(this re-routing can be as well used to get group/matrix/PQ outputs back to channel inputs without leaving the console)

ChrisSpeirs 04-28-2008 09:49 AM

Re: Venue Tips & Tricks
Not sure if this is pretty well known or has been covered before but doing a search of here and the internet couldn't help me. So maybe it can help someone else if they are in the same situation as myself.

PFL on fader.

1. In patchbay 'Output' Route Monitor L and R to 'FOH' Digital 2trk L and R.
2. Insert cable between Digital 2trk out and in using the AES.
3. In patchbay 'Inputs' Route Digital 2trk L and R to any FX return.
4. Route said FX return to Mains Left and Right.
5. Send mains Left and Right to any output on the stage rack.

Not sure if theres a better way of doing it if there is please let me know but this seemed to work.

Hope this helps.

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