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studiostrat 09-11-2008 12:16 AM

Can't get the crash-ride in BFD lite to sound like at true ride-is this deliberate?
So,I have BFD Lite and love sequencing real sounding drums with it.The only drag to it is that I haven't successfully found a ride sound that doesn't sound like a ride that's being crashed that sounds super rock-ish:I'm looking for a ping ride sound,not the "punk rawk show"sound where the ride itself is being hit like a crash.In this particular application,that is not what I'm going for:I need the quintessential "ping ride" sound and can't seem to get it in BFD lite.I know,that might be a deliberate limitation built in to BFD Lite to make me buy the real thing.I'm just trying to figure out if there's something I'm missing.A related issue:I'm looking to geta cross stick sound ouf of BFD,but can't seem to find it in the triggering options.Does anyone have ideas that deal with fixing the problem in BFD?I know I can use Xpand!samples to augment BFD but I'd rather use BFD for this if at all possible to get that killer BFD ambient sound and BFD's great,wide stereo imaging.Your help appreciated here.

spkguitar 09-11-2008 10:33 AM

Re: Can't get the crash-ride in BFD lite to sound like at true ride-is this deliberat
There is (unfortunately) no ride cymbal in the BFD Lite package. One of the limitations, I'm afraid.

I think you will be impressed with the full BFD 2 package.

ddwhitney 09-11-2008 11:34 AM

Re: Can't get the crash-ride in BFD lite to sound like at true ride-is this deliberat
BFD lite is a teaser that comes with a 30% discount for Pro Tools users with the Ignition Pack 2, for BFD2 that is still a chunk of change for a few people like myself.

Yes you can augment..

While your saving money or just contemplating the costs involved in BFD2, load Structure Free into a stereo Instrument track. In the list of sounds/patches available there is one called "Studio Drums". Pick it and in a few seconds you'll have quite a few choices of cymbals to supplement BFD Lite. There some pretty cools choices of china and splashes. I usually drag and drop BFD Lite midi and then move/map the pattern to whatever sounds I want. I even double the Studio Drums kicks with the BFD Lite Kicks. In addition, using Xpand and more instrument tracks you can get lost in the amount of variations you'll find. You won't have as much flexibility as what BFD2 offers, but it can help bridge the gap until you get there.

studiostrat 09-11-2008 02:55 PM

Studio Drums:I love e'm,but the sample doesn't fully play
Big thanks to both DDwhitney and Spkguitar:I had a bad feeling there was a reason there wasn't a legit ride in the set.So,I checked out Structure like ddwhitney said and was quite impressed,except I have one problem:when I trigger a sample using the pencil tool on the grid,the sample cuts out within about 1 second or so instead of decaying fully (a feature very important to trying to make 'canned' drums seem authentic.)I'm thinking this means I have it setup wrong,because Structure's whole interface looks very much like PT is into designing something that tries to compete with BFD,given the similarities of the user interfaces.Well,I guess that means I need to increase/decrease buffer size to get the full sample time when I trigger a note?Thank you both for your help.I'm adding $400 to my rate on my client's album so I can get BFD2:)haha,I wish.

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