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creativecontrol 06-07-2018 06:37 AM

Nulling Parameter Values
Throughout the S6 console, any touch-sensitive Encoders or Faders can have their parameter values returned to default by simply holding an Option switch while touching the controls. Use the Option switch located on any Fader Module while touching Faders on the surface or Encoders on a Knob Module (EQ Expand Zone for example) to Null / Set the parameter values to Default. The Option modifier can also be used while touching the Master Module touchscreen panner or Joystick Module panners to default the pan position to Front, Center. Hold Option while touching any Faders which are part of an Expand Fader Map to set their values to default.



creativecontrol 06-08-2018 05:03 AM

Locking the S6 Transport to Pro Tools
Use the little round Setup button just to the right of the Jog Wheel on the Automation Module to Lock / Bind the Transport section to a given application. This is handy if you want to trigger the Pro Tools transport if you are frequently application switching (Command+Tab) to other apps like DADman, SoundMiner, iTunes, etc.


creativecontrol 06-09-2018 09:50 AM

Creative Transport Customization
Here's a simple way to reprogram the Back button on the Transport Section of the Automation Module to provide a bit more flexibility, should you find yourself commonly toggling Insertion Follows Playback.

The Back button in the attached appset has been modified to trigger the EUCON function Restore Last Selection, which will bring back the last selection or insertion which existed before hitting play. This can be used in combination with toggling Insertion Follows Playback ON, which advances the playhead. To get back to the previous position, simply press the Back switch.


Before loading this appset, (modified from current S6 v18.3 software) please save a copy of your existing set if you've customized the factory so you can retrieve the custom functions. This can all be accomplished from the Settings > Soft Keys page on the Master Module. Simply place the attached XML file on a flash drive, pop it into the back of the Master Module and Load it.


creativecontrol 06-11-2018 08:10 AM

Displaying Preamp Controls on Process Module Encoder
With MTRX or any other PRE-compatible remote mic preamps, add microphone Gain control to the Process Module encoder by holding down the Back (arrow) button at the bottom of the Process Module while pressing the Input switch. The encoder should turn Red. Bank using the adjacent Arrow switches to get to the Gain parameter. As a shortcut, engage the ALL switch from the Master Module before performing this sequence to change the process module encoders on all channels. For higher resolution control of the preamp Gain, press Flip till the Process Module encoders glow bright white. Use Shift + Flip to exit back to the standard view.

Experiment by bringing other parameters to the process module encoder such as Threshold on DYN, Sends or HPF frequency for EQ.


creativecontrol 06-12-2018 09:05 AM

Display Breaks on Track Color
Let's take a deeper look at some of the Local Options (Gear icon) from the Tracks Page. One particularly useful function is the option to "Display Breaks on Track Color" which automatically creates rows for each chunk of tracks by color. This can provide a more dramatic visual separation between track elements within your session. You can also optionally enable "Show Home Screen on Track Attention" to jump directly to the exploded Home page and access the function scroller when a track is Attentioned from the Tracks Page.


innenhofstudios 06-12-2018 09:17 AM

Re: S6 Tip ‘o the Day

Originally Posted by creativecontrol (Post 2490858)
Use the little round SETUP button just to the right of the jog wheel on the automation module to lock the transport to a given application. This is handy if you want to trigger the Pro Tools transport if you are frequently application switching (Command+Tab) to other apps like DADman, SoundMiner, iTunes, etc.

omg this is great :D
+1 for my nerves :)

creativecontrol 06-13-2018 07:51 AM

Managing Inserts from the Home Page
On the Home page, the Function Scroller shows a row of blocks representing categories of functions that can be manipulated for an Attentioned track. For Inserts (teal), use a Pinch Out gesture to expose all of the inserts in the processing chain. To simplify the view of parameters in the center of the Home screen, access the Local Options (Gear icon) and and set Knob View to "Selected Function". Now when you touch any of the blocks in the Function Scroller it will filter everything else out of the view.

Use the little Lock icons to anchor the chosen (in this case Dynamics) parameters to either side of the Master Module encoders. Dynamics is anchored on the left then Insert parameters for Phoenix II can be anchored to the right side. Unlock the column to swap out Dynamics with EQ for example.


creativecontrol 06-17-2018 04:35 PM

Managing Function Curves on the Master Module
Enable Auto Show Function Graph on Selection from the Local options (Gear icon) of the Home page to automatically bring down the curve for (EQ, Dyn or Pan) without having to perform a swipe gesture.

Enable Auto Show Function Graph on Knob Touch to display the appropriate curve when a parameter is tweaked for EQ, Dyn or Pan. We've set the value to be 1.0 seconds, which means that it will display the appropriate curve and then timeout back to the previous view after one second.

We've first docked Pan on the right encoders then Dynamics on the left. Grabbing the Threshold brings up the gain transfer curve then reverts back to the color-coded All Parameters view. Grabbing the Pan encoder displays the Pan Plot and then times out. Pan is then swapped out for the High Mid and High EQ bands.


creativecontrol 06-19-2018 12:46 PM

Editing Macro Example
Here's another example of a simple macro sequence that I created for my own use when cutting VO. For demonstration purposes, I've created the following macro using the LOC switch on the Transport switches once again. (Please backup your customized soft keys before loading this set. This is based on the factory set)

This is a simple operation that performs a Shuffle Edit Delete on a selection then returns back to editing in Slip mode. It's a combination of EUCON and QWERTY keyboard functions applied in sequence.



creativecontrol 06-20-2018 10:15 AM

Returning the Soft Key panels back to Default
To return all of the Master Module and Automation Module Soft Key panels back to their Default pages, hold the Shift switch on any Fader Module while pressing 0 on the Automation Module numeric keypad.


Hold Control from any Fader Module to reveal additional functions relative to the workflow category of the Soft Keys.

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