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Filmusic 09-26-2010 02:12 PM

attempting to install a mix system 6.4.1
today i obtained the last bit of hardware needed to begin setting up my mix system

i have a intellistation zpro - 2 gigs of ram - 2x3.06xeon procs

i have several cards and 888's - but thought to install a single a mix core at this time - it is connected to a single 888

i have followed the reference guide and installed the software, card, and connected the 888 by way of the cable from the mix core card

when i attempt to run the software - it hangs on 'creating dae and midi command'

i have run the digi command - all reports well with the card

hum...any ideas why i've hit the wall

i'll try a different cable...fingers crossed

Filmusic 09-26-2010 04:07 PM

Re: attempting to install a mix system 6.4.1
well...i threw caution to the wind - in a good way - least...so far

i bought the ibm intellistation z pro because i saw that it was mentioned in the knowledge base with relation to tdm mix 6.4.1 systems

the info on compatible windows boxes is scarce here...and everywhere...so i was fearing the dreaded 3.3 volt pci necessity that is well chatted about in this forum to run a mix system


today...i was defeated by the ibm zpro...it simply would not talk to my mix system...so i figured 'i was at war'

after a few glasses of cheap single malt scotch....i said wtf...i started my assult - i threw caution into the wind and jammed a core card into a dell 390...i have a few dell 390s kicking around...this one is running a quad core q6600...i feared trashing both the card and the mb...( i contacted dell last week asking about voltage...they came up with a blank)

ha ha...the mofo launched 6.4.1 in about a second - i'm impressed!!!! 6.4.1 running on a quad core - very freaking cool

it recognized most of my plugs - (i uninstalled a pt le 8 set-up on the computer, then installed 6.4.1 mix...leaving my plugs from 8.0 le...so i was indeed surprized when many became usable, with the help of my ilok, within the 6.4.1 system..i didn't expect this)

i may just have a win here

i'll play with it and report back...but so far...i think this is going to be a blast

one problem - the font for much of the type in PT 6.4.1 is a silly font- i need to set the font to something i can read - where do i do this - i performed a quick ck in the prefs...ha ha..but i couldn't read the headings...looking for a guiding light here)

all good...for now anyway...cept for the font nightmare

my 888 has been recognized and pt 6.4.1 has been authorized...whew

i'll try out a 690 next week, when mine gets back from the shop - i blew the powersupply last week...can't win'em all)

(ha ha fingers crossed)

Filmusic 09-26-2010 04:39 PM

Re: attempting to install a mix system 6.4.1
after a restart - normal font has returned - don't ask - must be voodoo

a_wacker 03-08-2011 09:27 AM

Re: attempting to install a mix system 6.4.1
Hi people,

i am now in the situation to upgrade my PC. In last time i have to arrange a lot, so i have to use VSTi etc... My current PC (Pentium 4 3,0 GHz on ASUS P4P with 4GGb Ram) is a bit weak for such tasks.

I am using a Mix+ with 6.4.1 under WinXP SP2 and i like it. But newer PCs (MoBo's) mostly dont work with Mix Hardware. So i have a choice between drop my Mix system and go completely native with newest PCs and Cubase as a single DAW or to find the latest possible MoBos with Intel Chips and CPUs that work with Mix HW, to use Mix for tracking and mixing and Cubase for arranging.

I would really like to go the second way, because this will spare me a lot of money for new HW (Audio Interface, ADDAs, Cables, Software, etc...)

what is the result of your research with Dells? What did work for you?

PS: sorry for weak english.

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