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Old 01-06-2003, 11:13 AM
hank hill hank hill is offline
Join Date: Feb 2002
Posts: 46
Default ordering the allan system this week

hi everybody.. im ordering the allan system this week.. i know i posted that a few weeks ago.. but i decided to wait until after the holidays because the guy that was going to assemble it for me ended up going out of town.. ive got my shopping cart full at newegg.com and i just wantt o make sure.. before i click on order. that everythign is correct.. because a few of the items dont match up EXACTLY to what was in teh post... i know they might be the same thing.. just a number or letter different here or there. i dont know..

EVERCASE E4252-AB (BEIGE) 10-bay Case Retail***
Truly Screwless ATX MID Tower Case, Intel P4 / AMD, Front USB 2.0 w/ 1 Side Case Fan & 2 Removeable HD cages.
Driver Bays:External: 4 X 5.25" and 2 X 3.50". Hidden: 4 X 3..50" (2 screwless removeable HD Cages)
Sytem Board: ATX (Up to 12" x 9.6")
Expansion Slot: 7 Slots
Standard Fans:1 x 8 cm Fan (Left Side)
Optional Fans:1 x 8 cm Fan (Front) + +1 x 8 cm Fan (Rear) No Power Supply more info>
N82E16811127014 $22.00
Fan - Case

Enermax Adjustable 8CM cooling fan (BLUE). Manual adjustable fan speed, 1000 RPM ~ 3000 RPM. 2-ball-bearing clear fan, chromed fan guard, 3pin to 4pin adaptor. Retail Box. Please see images. more info>
N82E16811999010 $7.00
Fan / Cooling Device - CPU

Thermaltake VOLCANO 9 CoolMod, Copper base inserted, SMART & SILENT. Retail. For AMD Athlon XP up to 2800+ and Intel Socket 370 & AMD Socket 462.
Supported Socket type: 370 and Socket A/462
80x80x25 mm fan. Heat sink 80x80mm & 77.3mm tall.
Air Flow: 20.55 CFM at 1300rpm & 75.7 CFM at 4800rpm. Instructions for Installation MUST be followed correctly. Mfr's P/N: A1455 more info>
N82E16835106019 $28.00

Floppy Drives
Connector: 34-pin Floppy cable Standard Connector.
Modes: HD(1.44MB) Supports: Dos, Windows 3.1, 95/98 NT3.51 and 4.0
2DD(720kb) Supports: Dos, Windows 3.1, 95/98 NT3.51 and 4.0 more info>
N82E16821103104 $9.00

Hard Drives
Size: 20 Gigabytes
Interface: IDE ULTRA ATA100
Seek time: 8.9ms
Cache 2MB
OEM(Drive alone) 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty --* Works With PC & Mac *-- more info>
N82E16822137116 $69.00

Size: 80 Gigabytes
Interface: IDE ULTRA ATA100
Seek time: 8.9ms
Cache 8MB
OEM(Drive alone) 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty --* Works With PC & Mac *-- more info>
N82E16822144122 $108.00

Memory (System Memory)
Crucial Micron 512MB 64x64 PC2100 DDR RAM, 184-Pin, CL=2.5-Unbuffered 2.5V, 6-Layers
CT6464Z265 Requires DDR supported Motherboard - Lifetime Warranty. more info>
N82E16820145005 $128.00

Power Supplies
ENERMAX EG365P-VE(FMA). 350W Power supply for AMD K7 & Pentium4. Meet AMD K7 and Intel ATX +12V 1.1 and ATX 2.03 version (Pentium 4 fully support). Ultra cooling design: one 9 cm fan intake heat and one 8 cm fan exhaust heat. Fan Speed monitored by M/B & Adjustable. 9cm Thermal Control Fan. Retail. more info>
N82E16817103415 $58.00

(it dosent say that this is a dual head video card? is it? i wanna make sure cause eventually id liek to go with two monitors)

Video Cards
MEM: 64MB SDRAM, 128-bit memory
Maximium memory Interface :3.2GB/s with 200MHZ SDR.
Ports:15-pin VGA ,- S-Video/composite , Standard DVI (Flat Panel Display)
Bus Interface: AGP2X/4X
3D Acceleration Features: CHARISMA ENGINE, HYPER Z technology, PIXEL TAPESTRY architecture, VIDEO IMMERSION technology, Integrated Transformation, Clipping and Lighting
Max 3d Res: 2048x1536
OEM BULK (comes with driver) Powered By ATI, Manufactured by Sapphire more info>

Cd Burner

Lite On 40X12X48 CDRW Model: LTR40125S-Full OEM
Recording 40X(6000KB/sec) Z-CLV (20X, 24X@8min, 32X@18min, 40X@53min)
Re-writing 12X High-Speed (1800KB/sec) CLV
Reading 48Xmax (7200KB/sec) CAV (20X~48X)
Interface : ATAPI-E/IDE, support up to Ultra-DMA Mode2, 33.3MB/sec
Buffer Memory Size: 2MB
Access Time : 80ms (typical)
SMART-BURN® technology Underun protection,
MTBF : 70'000 Power On Hours with 25% Duty

(thats the closest match to the cdburnere listed.. i know its a bit slower.. but most of the time i go to a cd recorder anyway so i dont need that much speed)

here is teh closest match for a motherboard i could find at newegg. is this the same thing? will it work also?. .i think it dosent have raid or firewire. which wont be a problem cause im using a digi 001 and not any outboard drives or anything

Asus VIA A7V333 KT333 Chipset ATX Motherboard Retail Boxed
AMD Athlon XP Ready, C-Media CMI-8738 6-Channel Speaker Onboard Sound. ASUS C.O.P. (CPU Overheating Protection), Support DDR333 (PC2700) **ATA133** USB 2.0 Ready, Asus Q-FAN (Variable Fan Speed Control) 5 x PCI 1 x AGP4X 3 x DDR DIMM Sockets. Max 3GB PC2700/PC2100/PC1600 DDR, **NO RAID
Model#: A7V333 Special Free FedEx Saver Shipping
Detail Specs - Product Link - Chipset Info (limit 5 per customer) -See It! (image count 4 ) -Price Alert (N82E16813131413) Return to Service
(avg rating out of 42 voters)

and here is the closest chip i could find

AMD Athlon XP 2000+/266 FSB Processor CPU - OEM 2000+/ 1.67GHz, AX2000DMT3C
The AMD Athlon XP processor with QuantiSpeed architecture powers the next generation in computing platforms, delivering extra performance for cutting-edge applications and an extra-ordinary computing experience.world's highest overall performing PC processor.
CPU: 1.67 GHz
Type: 2000 XP
Cache: 256K
BUS: 266MHz
Socket A (PGA) OEM (Processor Only)
more info>
N82E16819103323 $75.00

i know its a bit slower.. but slower dosnet bother me too much so long as track count and plugins and STABILITY are still there? or maybe theres another suggestion? will the the athlon 2000 have a lower track count or less stability than the 2400? (which they dont seem to have in stock right now).. also.. could i ge tthis one right now .. and if im not happy with it.. upgrade to a different one later?

also. just gonna go with a cheap-o keyboard and mouse.

thanx everybody! let me know if this is allright! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

The Farm Recording Studio
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Old 01-06-2003, 01:21 PM
J. FO J. FO is offline
Join Date: Sep 2001
Location: NYC, NY
Posts: 502
Default Re: ordering the allan system this week

looks good. having a slower cpu won't affect the stability of your machine. and the 2000 isn't THAT much slower than the 2400. only about 300mhz slower, so you'll see similar results.
Jeremy Forbis
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Old 01-06-2003, 02:05 PM
da BaSsTaRd! da BaSsTaRd! is offline
Join Date: Jan 2001
Location: NYC
Posts: 4,933
Default Re: ordering the allan system this week

do you really want "truly screwless"? i never saw or used a "truly screwless" case, but it seems to me that it might vibrate some... i like screws...

also, that ATI 7500 is dual head.
i love my apple iPhone!
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Old 01-06-2003, 02:09 PM
PDEES PDEES is offline
Join Date: Dec 2000
Location: Houston
Posts: 281
Default Re: ordering the allan system this week

go check out thread

See this thread

Phil has described why you should go for the A7N8X system and 2 sticks of 512 or 2 sticks of 256 vs 1 512 stick. Furthermore, I too will be purchasing a mix of Allen' + Phil's recommendations. You can see what I found on newegg yesterday. The A7N8X system is available from newegg, BUT, they say not until tomorrow. Go to url Newegg's 2800 and I found you lite on at new egg on page 2, 2 down form the 48x12 liteon 48x24

let me know how it goes, I am waiting for the 2800, but as Phil points out, newegg only sells with approved mobo, fan, etc, which most are on the "allen/phil 002 racing machine"...
002 XP2700 A7N8X
1g ram; 20/80 WD
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Old 01-06-2003, 06:56 PM
hank hill hank hill is offline
Join Date: Feb 2002
Posts: 46
Default Re: ordering the allan system this week

THANX all!

i hope it works out .. i just figure since i need a home pc i might as well upgrade my pro tools rig and just put my old one in my house...

i bet this system will smoke too! keep reading good stuff about it.. actually had an asus motherboard on an older computer of mine and it was just the most amazing system ever

i only worry about one thing. i had a cd recorder hooked up to the back of the digi 001 card.. spdif and upgraded to 5.3 and xp a while ago.. it caused all sorts of problems and so i went back to 5.1 and win 98. was that just a glitch in the earliest versions of 5.3? or a glitch in my computer?? .. also. .will i have to download 5.3 again? or is there a space on the website i can order the upgrade (rhetorical question i guess, since ill look.. i just wanted to make the point that my music store didnt know what i was talking about when i asked for the upgrade.. even though the website did say to ask your "digidesign retailer for the upgrade")

oh and as for the case.. i have a pretty cool tower that my existing pc is in... its sturdy as hell and has lots of room and locks and stuff (some sort of server tower)... i might have my system put in that and my old computer put in that new case.. if it all dosent fit or it ends up being too much of a hassle. its not that big of a deal cause the case was fairly cheap.. and ive read some suggestions about these liquid cooled cases.. sounds more like a car.. mechanics i can understand, not computers... so make it sound like a car and im usually sold

thanx again all

keep in touch.
The Farm Recording Studio
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Old 01-07-2003, 12:24 AM
vonbleak101 vonbleak101 is offline
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Australia
Posts: 1,256
Default Re: ordering the allan system this week

Your system sounds fine but i have two suggestions if you are going with the XP2000 chip.

Check out www.quietpc.com and have a look at 2 things, first, the flower cooler its fine for up to XP2000+ and its quiter than the volcano 9

Then have a look at their silent 300w power suply its also very quiet.

i swaped my standard PSU and my volcano 9 for these things and it made a huge difference to how quiet my system was, and having a quiet PC for audio is very important. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]
Audio Engineer/Musician/Producer
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