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Old 02-23-2006, 12:53 PM
scottatfrisbie scottatfrisbie is offline
Join Date: Feb 2006
Posts: 1
Default ...not a valid audio volume...

It is very possible that your OS version is not compatable with your protools version. for example, OSX 10.3 needs protools 6.9.2, and OSX 10 4.5 needs protools 7. If the compination isn't right, you'll get that message when you try to enable a drive as a record or playback volume.
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Old 03-22-2006, 11:20 PM
dork5200 dork5200 is offline
Join Date: Mar 2006
Posts: 8
Default Re: Audio Record Volume

I'm having a tough time too.

My system worked fine a week ago... but then I read that you speed up your system by having a dedicated record drive... (yes before I was recording to my boot volume, and that worked too!)
so I reformatted all of my hard drives (with OSX disk utility, extended and journaled)... and now I get my favorite error... yup, the good 'ol record volume error. I am running PT LE 7.1 on OSX 10.4.5

Like I said, it all worked fine a few days ago... All I changed, was that my system boot from the internal drive instead of my firewire drive. I was able to record to all of my drives before!
I just tried deleting all of the items in the Prefs folder, and the databases, and repairing permissions, and tried to change it in the workspace browser... nothing. None of my 6 hard drives are "valid audio record volumes". If thats the case, then I'd like to know what hard drive I was secretly recording on before!.. because I've got gigabytes worth of sessions on them!

Anyone know of a way to fix this?
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Old 03-24-2006, 09:54 PM
avaldes avaldes is offline
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: San Carlos (SF Bay Area), CA, USA
Posts: 27
Default Re: Audio Record Volume


Message to digitech:

Let the OS do its functions, and you do yours, because they do it better than you do.

I am a 20+ year Mac user and have experience on Sun and other Unix systems, as well as Windows to a minimal degree. I am also a musician and home recordist. I recently received an MBOX2 as a gift (birthday with a zero -- don't ask). I immediately saw the need for an external FW drive, and was specifically considering a LaCie. Seeing this thread and my own related post makes me very cautious because there appears to be a signifcant risk I would be buying an expensive paperweight.

I am running an iBook G4, OS X 10.4.5. I am frankly appalled that such application-specific issues regarding external drives are even a possibility. On our home Mac desktop we acquired, installed, and use a Maxtor external FW HD with NO PROBLEM WITH ANY APPLICATION.

When Apple went from OS 9 to OS X was when I got into home recording. I had another iBook then, which ran OS X as well as "Classic". My first home recording rig decision was original Mbox vs. Yamaha AW16G. Since PT was one of the few apps that did not transition quickly to OS X, and required not merely running in classic but configuring the computer to boot up in an obsolete operating system (that is, rendering it extremely inconvenient for things I need to do for the day job) I got the Yamaha.

More recently, I note that PT cannot run under the Rosetta emulator on the Intel Mac (again, about the only app I know where this is the case). I will probably get one of these by this summer.

What this tells me is that Digi is kluging the OS interface for reasons known only to them. I have to say if you let the OS manage file system functions, the problems people are having here and my own concern about this would not be an issue. It is at the heart of your system design.

And BTW, in a couple of weeks of occasional use, PT has crashed itself acouplt of times and frozen the system once. Maybe windows people think rebooting is par for the course, but I am used to my machine being up for weeks at a time continuously.

The digidesign posts in response to this thread have zero information content.

I will buy a LaCie tomorrow, I will reformat it from disk utilites, and if it does not work I will never buy another Digidesign product.
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Old 04-12-2006, 10:48 PM
vivaknievel vivaknievel is offline
Join Date: Aug 2003
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Posts: 17
Default Re: Audio Record Volume

If anyone is still having this problem... here's a solution which just worked for me. There was no need to uninstall, re-install, backup or re-format anything, as others have written. Everything's back to normal again. I think all it was is that somehow, some way, a setting was accidenatlly changed.

I'm using Mac G4 Dual, PT 6.9 LE, on OS X 10.3 with all the latest updates. Fantom Drive Firewire 250GB. I had formatted the drive to Mac OS Extended Journaled, as instructed when I first got the drive about two months ago, and everything was working fine. But for some reason, when I went to start a new session today, I got the "session must be on an audio record volume" error, also. Nothing worked until I did the following:

1. Open a ProTools session. If you can't start a new one, open a previously saved session.

2. Go to Windows > Show Workspace

3. Pop up window should be seen, with all your drives in it.

4. Highlight the drive in question. (and double check all other drives you use, following this same method)

5. You should see some columns, one of which is marked "A" and another marked "V" (for Audio and Video)

6. In the column for your drive, you will see either T (for "Transfer"), R (for "Record") or P (for "Playback) in either column. "T" is most likely what you probably see, but it should be changed.

7. Change it over to either Playback (P) or Record (R). (Record is probably the best setting). I have both my A and V columns set to Record for my drive.

8. Close the window and you should now be able to create a new and save a new session, without further problems.

Update: I just saw someone here at Digidesign posted something similar at http://duc.digidesign.com/showflat.p...fpart=1#810342 (I found THIS thread through Google when I first started troubleshooting, so I didn't see theirs before). This person tells you what to do, if you can't change the settings to Record.
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