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Old 01-28-2019, 03:25 PM
Howardk Howardk is offline
Join Date: May 2000
Location: Canada, just past the line!
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Default Re: HDX PT 2018 CPU Spikes AAE -9171 Halts Playback


Regarding your findings, being that our systems are so similar:
Originally Posted by LDS View Post
I am a comping together a performance now and it's all working A-Ok here.
I just did some further testing on my clean install of PT 2018-12 on High Sierra. I still have the problem with the siginificant lag when soloing playlist lanes to audition takes. Below is an excerpt from my post with findings.

Originally Posted by Howardk View Post
Changed Operation Preference settings to "Automatically Create New Playlist When loop Recording".

Test 10 (128 Buffer) - Loop recorded 4 bar section to build playlist takes. Got an AAE-9171 Error/Halt after about 3 minutes.
Changed the recording tracks from Waveform to Playlist. Soloing a Playlist lane often gets colour swirly beachball and takes 1-10 seconds to actuate solo. . . this is with 5 Tracks grouped (1 second if playlist lane is close to the top, 10 seconds if toward the bottom). 1-4 seconds if the tracks are not grouped. There are about 50 lanes in these tracks and I often get to 100-200 in a normal project. This is not useable.

I switched back to my SSD OS installation, same issue. I noticed that Pro Tools is at 93% in the activity monitor, and it shoots up to 180% when I click solo on a lane (this is at rest and in the real world I am often in loop playback while auditioning playlist segments).

Changed to Yosemite PT 12.8.1 system drive. Opened same session. Pro Tools is at 80% at rest as displayed inn the Apple Activity monitor. Soloing Playist lanes is instant and CPU usage does not jump up. Feels like good old Pro Tools 10 on Mountain Lion. . .

Loop recorded more with Yosemite/PT 12.8.1 to about 140 playlist lanes in the these tracks. Still pretty much instant Solo response with auditioning between playlist lanes, even while playing back.

Opened same session (with the 140 playback lanes) in High Sierra/PT2018-12. Clicked on a playlist solo lane when in playback. Playback halted in a second and swirly beachball for about a minute, then the AAE-1971 message popped up. CPU on Apple's Activity monitor was at 186% during this. Tried it again in loop playback. . . let it loop a few times, then soloed a playlist lane toward the bottom, this time it keep looping. . . but I had the beachball for a minute or so before I regained control. Turned the track group off. Click on 1st lane, solo engaged quickly. Clicked solo on 40th lane, beachball and about a 5 second lag before solo lit-up. 11 seconds for 90th lane, 13 secs for 140th/last lane.

Switched to my current Production System disk (Sierra/PT2018-12), which is acting up as well. Lag for Playlist lane solo lane is the same. . . long lag time.
Deleted folder /Users/howard/Library/Preferences/Avid/Pro Tools
Deleted WaveCache.wfm file in session folder
Still the same total lack of responsiveness to Playlist lane solo.
Changed to 1024 buffer. Still same issue.

This is not useable. Just me??
How many playlists did you have when you tested soloing the Playlist lanes?

Last edited by Howardk; 01-28-2019 at 04:22 PM.
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Old 01-31-2019, 12:00 AM
Howardk Howardk is offline
Join Date: May 2000
Location: Canada, just past the line!
Posts: 1,927
Default Re: HDX PT 2018 CPU Spikes AAE -9171 Halts Playback

Upgraded video card to AMD Radeon R9 280X 3GB today.

Did some quick testing in Sierra and High Sierra with PT 2018-12/HDX. I did not notice an improvement to the lag when selecting a Playlist lane. Still takes up to a minute and the swirly beach ball shows up. . . time lag depends on how far down the list of playlists I solo. This long lag which makes Pro Tools 2018 unusable for comping.

Pro Tools 12.8.1/HDX on Yosemite is fine for soloing playlist lanes.

Is it just me?
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Old 02-01-2019, 01:10 AM
Howardk Howardk is offline
Join Date: May 2000
Location: Canada, just past the line!
Posts: 1,927
Default Re: HDX PT 2018 CPU Spikes AAE -9171 Halts Playback

Ok, so I did some more tesing on this Solo Playlist Lane Delay Issue I am trying to resolve. I ended up simpliying the session to one Track with about 120 playlists with 4 second regions. I tested this on my Notebook and a different Mac pro. Here is what I found.

Here is a video, so you see what i mean: Link to Video

MacBookPro (Mid 2018)
Sierra/PT2018-12 - No Delay
Mac Pro (2010)
Mountain Lion/PT10 - No Delay
Yosemite/PT 12.8.1 - No Delay
El Capitan/PT 12.8.1 - No Delay
El Capitan/PT 12.8.2 - No Delay
El Capitan/PT 2018-10 - No Delay
El Capitan/PT 2018-12 - DELAY
Sierra/2018-12 - DELAY
HighSierra/2018-12 - DELAY
HighSierra/2012-10 - No Delay

Very strange!

What is so unique with the two Mac Pros that I have which is causing this Delay/Lag to happen?

I have opened up a case with AVID on this Playlist Lane Solo lag issue. I will revert to 2018-10, which does not exhibit this lag on my Mac Pro systems.


Last edited by Howardk; 02-01-2019 at 05:28 PM.
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