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Old 09-10-2007, 11:28 AM
sean_foote sean_foote is offline
Join Date: Sep 2007
Posts: 1
Default advice on DUC purchase

HI, I hope this is the right place to post this. Yes, this is my first post. As they say on call-in radio, "long time listener, first time caller".

I've gotten so much help from this forum, and now I need advice on how to handle a transacton that started hear on the DUC. Basically, what should be my response?

I'm attaching the email string of the transaction, removing the name of the other party so this is less about being vindictive and more about seeking some advice.

I bought Waves TDM through the buy and sell forum. It arrived with a seriously mangled ilok -- i mean, the usb part had been sheared off. A usb cable was soldered to the circuit board, the entire thing wrapped in foam, and zip-tied to a piece of thin sheet metal. The ilok doesn't work.

So, what should I do? The options from here are basically to keep haranguing the guy over email (probably won't work), or eat the ilok replacement cost as the price of doing business with strangers. But, I thought gearslutz would be even SAFER than ebay.

Here is the email string. I've put it in chronological order top to bottom

=-=-=From Sean==-=-=-=-
Hi Dan, saw this on the DUC. Still available? Thanks, Sean

=-=-=From Dan-=-===-=-
hello Sean, I do still have [this]. let me know....

=-=-=From Sean-=-=-=-
Dan, sorry for the delay. I'm traveling. I'm still interested. What's the best way to proceed? Where are you located? Sean

=-=-=From Dan-=-=-
I am located in Alabama. 2 ways, 1 transfer of ownership through waves (transfer of ownership fee involved) 2 after I receive the funds through paypal I will give you my account login and password then you can change the personal info and I will send U the ilok.

=-=-=-From Sean=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Dan, terribly sorry for the long slow email exchange. My travel schedule is making this ridiculous.

I'll have to check the transfer of ownership on the waves website, but that would end up being more convenient for me as I would then have just one ilok account and waves account. I think, though, that I'm going to miss out overall because I leave tomorrow (today, depending on when you read this. Thursday, either way) for Europe and paypal won't let me into my account from overseas (I like this measure of safety, but it is a drag). I don't return until Aug. 13th.

Sorry it's taken so long. So, we can try and get it done Thursday
(xxx-xxx-xxxx to facilitate communication) or after I return on Aug. 13.
You will probably have it sold by then, however.

My recollection is the price was $xxx. OK, that's it for now. Typing all this on a plane as well.

=-=-=From Dan-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Thats ok I will wait to hear from you...

=-=-=-from Sean=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Hi Dan, just finishing up stuff before my departure. It's awfully nice of you to wait until I return on August 13th. I'll understand if it gets bought before then, but I'll connect with you then.

I checked out the waves transfer policy. Wow, drag. $150. I understand why many people do the other version now. So, turning over the account will be fine, I can consolidate the accounts later if for some reason the inconvenience becomes worth $150. (I doubt it)

<I’ve deleted some stuff here where I went out on vacation and then returned and picked up the conversation>

----from Dan----
ok cool. As soon as the e-check clears I will ship the box and ilok. I will then email you the login info for the waves account

---- from Sean ----
Hi dan, looks like the box (and frankenstein ilok) arrived today. I
didn't see the password and account email, but I'm anxious to get that license off of this ilok and onto a spare that might be more reliable!

Ps. Any tips on the ilok?

------from dan-----
Yea the plug broke off the ilok in the computer. I had a wire soldered onto the ilok. This way it would not break off. I sent the login info on a paypal invoice. The login info is- login: xxxxxx Password: xxxxxx

----from sean----
Hey Dan, So after doing a quick change to the password on the account, I've finally gotten around to trying to make this thing work. For whatever reason, the ilok is not being recognized. After making sure the computer was working fine (i.e., it recognizes my other ilok in the same port), I opened up the foam on this badboy ilok. Are all four wires supposed to be soldered to the ilok? only two appear to be.
Nonetheless, the darn thing isn't working. I'm looking for advice.

-----from Dan------
Have you downloaded the latest software from ilok? look on waves site also for the latest. I used it before shipping so it should work. I think it has only 2 wires soldered. Also make sure you have the latest waves version 5 installed with no other waves. Also make sure you have the latest Ilok authorizer installed from the waves download site. If you have an older version installed uninstall all waves and perform all updates...

----from Sean ------
I supposed I should try those things, although it doesn't fit the symptoms. My other iloks work fine on the exact same system (including waves rtas), so I doubt it's that sort of problem. I'm doing some other stuff, but I'll try one more time over the weekend and let you know.

-----from dan----
might have to transfer to another ilok

----from Sean--------
OK, I've worked with the ilok a bit more and done some reading. All four cables need to be soldered to the ilok, and it does appear that the two that currently aren't connected (power and ground) at one time were (I can see the glue on the pads). I manually reattached them, but the ilok lights up only briefly and then the green light goes off for good. It still refuses to synchronize to the ilok site, and thus, I can't transfer the license to another ilok.

I think the best step from here is to send the ilok to the PACE people for replacement. After all, the license is still in there on the chip safe and sound. It appears replacement will cost $40 plus shipping. It seems reasonable for you to pay for that. Seems like the best alternative to me.

The other alternative would be for me to ship the whole thing back to you, get a refund, and move on. Let me know either way.

Thanks much, Dan,

-----from Dan------
Tim I sold you the license from waves for $800 NOT ANY HARDWARE. If you pay the ownership transfer fee like you really should you can put it on any ilok you want, that I told you from the beginning. I sold you $2800 worth of plugs for $800 and never listed them on ebay were I could have gotten $1600. I also waited for 3 weeks for you to buy. I am not going to go any further with this. The Ilok worked fine in my computer when I packed it up. now that you have my account info it is yours. You should pay not I.
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Old 09-19-2007, 08:50 AM
storm-01 storm-01 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2003
Posts: 348
Default Re: advice on DUC purchase

You paid through Paypal, correct? First, file a complaint Digi and with Paypal regarding receipt of a non working item. With Paypal, you will have to fill out the proper info telling them everything about this transaction. The sender will then be contacted and you should give them a few days to respond. If no response, continue with the claim. Paypal will investigate the issue and decide whether or not to reimburse you for the cost. MAKE SURE TO SEND AN ATTACHED PICTURE if possible. I had a similar problem through ebay and after a month of getting the run around from the sender, I filed a complaint and got a full refund from Paypal within a week!

Also, if you paid with a credit card via Paypal, call your credit card company and file a complaint. Or if you paid using your bank account, file a complaint with your bank. Don't give up! These things usually take a while to go through the system. Make sure to send the email/s and or pictures associated with your claim. You should submit ANY and ALL evidence or information that you can provide. This will greatly help your case.

Good luck and I'm very sorry to hear of your misfortune. Don't give up!
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Old 09-19-2007, 10:45 AM
Naagzh Naagzh is offline
Join Date: Oct 2003
Posts: 1,175
Default Re: advice on DUC purchase

=-=-=From Dan-=-=-
I am located in Alabama. 2 ways, 1 transfer of ownership through waves (transfer of ownership fee involved) 2 after I receive the funds through paypal I will give you my account login and password then you can change the personal info and I will send U the ilok.

Tim I sold you the license from waves for $800 NOT ANY HARDWARE.
These two statements are clearly at odds with each other. The seller offers the iLok as part of the sale (should you want it), yet makes no mention of its condition.

But I'm confused: can't you remove the chip from the broken iLok and put in into your own? The licences should go with the chip, right?
002R PT7.3.1
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OS 10.4.8
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