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Old 10-18-2004, 01:41 AM
bluerockgod bluerockgod is offline
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Sydney, Australia
Posts: 95
Default How do I get my .midnam patch file to work?

I have prepared my own .midnam file for my yamaha QS300 midi device. When I select the patch file in the program change window {"change button" > library > audio > midi patch names > digidesign > yamaha > qs300 (where I have placed the file)}, I select the file and click the open button (or double click to open) and I am returned to an unchanged program change window. It seems to completely ignore the file. I have experimented by removing a character (from </patchbank> changing to </patcbank ) and I then at least seem to get the parsing error message. I have been at this for days and am completely stumped. I have included the file below. Please somebody tell me what I am doing wrong!

g4 450 768
os 10.3.4
PTLE 6.4cs9 Mbox
Yamaha QS300
Edirol UM-1SX

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE MIDINameDocument
PUBLIC "-//MIDI Manufacturers Association//DTD MIDINameDocument 0.7//EN"

<CustomDeviceMode Name="">
<ChannelNameSetAssign Channel="1" NameSet="XG" />
<ChannelNameSetAssign Channel="2" NameSet="XG" />
<ChannelNameSetAssign Channel="3" NameSet="XG" />
<ChannelNameSetAssign Channel="4" NameSet="XG" />
<ChannelNameSetAssign Channel="5" NameSet="XG" />
<ChannelNameSetAssign Channel="6" NameSet="XG" />
<ChannelNameSetAssign Channel="7" NameSet="XG" />
<ChannelNameSetAssign Channel="8" NameSet="XG" />
<ChannelNameSetAssign Channel="9" NameSet="XG" />
<ChannelNameSetAssign Channel="10" NameSet="XG" />
<ChannelNameSetAssign Channel="11" NameSet="XG" />
<ChannelNameSetAssign Channel="12" NameSet="XG" />
<ChannelNameSetAssign Channel="13" NameSet="XG" />
<ChannelNameSetAssign Channel="14" NameSet="XG" />
<ChannelNameSetAssign Channel="15" NameSet="XG" />
<ChannelNameSetAssign Channel="16" NameSet="XG" />

<ChannelNameSet Name="XG 000">
<AvailableChannel Channel="1" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="2" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="3" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="4" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="5" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="6" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="7" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="8" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="9" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="10" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="11" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="12" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="13" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="14" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="15" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="16" Available="true" />

<PatchBank Name="XG 000 Bank" ROM="false">
<ControlChange Control="0" Value="0" />
<UsesPatchNameList Name="XG 000" />


<ChannelNameSet Name="Preset">
<AvailableChannel Channel="1" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="2" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="3" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="4" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="5" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="6" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="7" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="8" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="9" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="10" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="11" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="12" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="13" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="14" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="15" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="16" Available="true" />

<PatchBank Name="Preset Bank" ROM="false">
<ControlChange Control="0" Value="63" />
<ControlChange Control="32" Value="0" />
<UsesPatchNameList Name="Preset" />


<ChannelNameSet Name="User">
<AvailableChannel Channel="1" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="2" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="3" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="4" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="5" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="6" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="7" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="8" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="9" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="10" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="11" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="12" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="13" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="14" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="15" Available="true" />
<AvailableChannel Channel="16" Available="true" />

<PatchBank Name="User Bank" ROM="false">
<ControlChange Control="0" Value="63" />
<ControlChange Control="32" Value="1" />
<UsesPatchNameList Name="User" />


<PatchNameList Name="XG 000">
<Patch Number="XG-001" Name="Grand Piano" ProgramChange="0" />
<Patch Number="XG-002" Name="Brite Piano" ProgramChange="1" />
<Patch Number="XG-003" Name="EGrand" ProgramChange="2" />
<Patch Number="XG-004" Name="Hnky Tonk" ProgramChange="3" />
<Patch Number="XG-005" Name="EPiano1" ProgramChange="4" />
<Patch Number="XG-006" Name="EPiano2" ProgramChange="5" />
<Patch Number="XG-007" Name="Harpsi" ProgramChange="6" />
<Patch Number="XG-008" Name="Clavi" ProgramChange="7" />
<Patch Number="XG-009" Name="Celesta" ProgramChange="8" />
<Patch Number="XG-010" Name="Glocken" ProgramChange="9" />
<Patch Number="XG-011" Name="Music Box" ProgramChange="10" />
<Patch Number="XG-012" Name="Vibes" ProgramChange="11" />
<Patch Number="XG-013" Name="Marimba" ProgramChange="12" />
<Patch Number="XG-014" Name="Xylophon" ProgramChange="13" />
<Patch Number="XG-015" Name="TubulBel" ProgramChange="14" />
<Patch Number="XG-016" Name="Dulcimer" ProgramChange="15" />
<Patch Number="XG-017" Name="DrawOrgn" ProgramChange="16" />
<Patch Number="XG-018" Name="PercOrgn" ProgramChange="17" />
<Patch Number="XG-019" Name="RockOrgn" ProgramChange="18" />
<Patch Number="XG-020" Name="ChrchOrgn" ProgramChange="19" />
<Patch Number="XG-021" Name="ReedOrgn" ProgramChange="20" />
<Patch Number="XG-022" Name="Acordion" ProgramChange="21" />
<Patch Number="XG-023" Name="Harmnica" ProgramChange="22" />
<Patch Number="XG_024" Name="TangoAcd" ProgramChange="23" />
<Patch Number="XG-025" Name="NylonGtr" ProgramChange="24" />
<Patch Number="XG-026" Name="SteelGtr" ProgramChange="25" />
<Patch Number="XG-027" Name="JazzGtr" ProgramChange="26" />
<Patch Number="XG-028" Name="CleanGtr" ProgramChange="27" />
<Patch Number="XG-029" Name="MuteGtr" ProgramChange="28" />
<Patch Number="XG-030" Name="Ovrdrive" ProgramChange="29" />
<Patch Number="XG-031" Name="DistGtr" ProgramChange="30" />
<Patch Number="XG-032" Name="GtrHarmo" ProgramChange="31" />
<Patch Number="XG-033" Name="AcoBass" ProgramChange="32" />
<Patch Number="XG-034" Name="Fngrbass" ProgramChange="33" />
<Patch Number="XG-035" Name="PickBass" ProgramChange="34" />
<Patch Number="XG-036" Name="Fretless" ProgramChange="35" />
<Patch Number="XG-037" Name="SlapBas1" ProgramChange="36" />
<Patch Number="XG-038" Name="SlapBas2" ProgramChange="37" />
<Patch Number="XG-039" Name="SynBass1" ProgramChange="38" />
<Patch Number="XG-040" Name="SynBass2" ProgramChange="39" />
<Patch Number="XG-041" Name="Violin" ProgramChange="40" />
<Patch Number="XG-042" Name="Viola" ProgramChange="41" />
<Patch Number="XG-043" Name="Cello" ProgramChange="42" />
<Patch Number="XG-044" Name="Contrabs" ProgramChange="43" />
<Patch Number="XG-045" Name="TremStr" ProgramChange="44" />
<Patch Number="XG-046" Name="PizzStr" ProgramChange="45" />
<Patch Number="XG-047" Name="Harp" ProgramChange="46" />
<Patch Number="XG-048" Name="Timpani" ProgramChange="47" />
<Patch Number="XG-049" Name="Strings1" ProgramChange="48" />
<Patch Number="XG-050" Name="Strings2" ProgramChange="49" />
<Patch Number="XG-051" Name="SynStr1" ProgramChange="50" />
<Patch Number="XG-052" Name="SynStr2" ProgramChange="51" />
<Patch Number="XG-053" Name="ChoirAah" ProgramChange="52" />
<Patch Number="XG-054" Name="VoiceOoh" ProgramChange="53" />
<Patch Number="XG-055" Name="SynVoice" ProgramChange="54" />
<Patch Number="XG-056" Name="OrchHit" ProgramChange="55" />
<Patch Number="XG-057" Name="Trumpet" ProgramChange="56" />
<Patch Number="XG-058" Name="Trombone" ProgramChange="57" />
<Patch Number="XG-059" Name="Tuba" ProgramChange="58" />
<Patch Number="XG-060" Name="MuteTrp" ProgramChange="59" />
<Patch Number="XG-061" Name="FrHorn" ProgramChange="60" />
<Patch Number="XG-062" Name="BrasSect" ProgramChange="61" />
<Patch Number="XG-063" Name="SynBras1" ProgramChange="62" />
<Patch Number="XG-064" Name="SynBras2" ProgramChange="63" />
<Patch Number="XG-065" Name="SprnoSax" ProgramChange="64" />
<Patch Number="XG-066" Name="AltoSax" ProgramChange="65" />
<Patch Number="XG-067" Name="TenorSax" ProgramChange="66" />
<Patch Number="XG-068" Name="BariSax" ProgramChange="67" />
<Patch Number="XG-069" Name="Oboe" ProgramChange="68" />
<Patch Number="XG-070" Name="EngHorn" ProgramChange="69" />
<Patch Number="XG-071" Name="Bassoon" ProgramChange="70" />
<Patch Number="XG-072" Name="Clarinet" ProgramChange="71" />
<Patch Number="XG-073" Name="Piccolo" ProgramChange="72" />
<Patch Number="XG-074" Name="Flute" ProgramChange="73" />
<Patch Number="XG-075" Name="Recorder" ProgramChange="74" />
<Patch Number="XG-076" Name="PanFlute" ProgramChange="75" />
<Patch Number="XG-077" Name="Bottle" ProgramChange="76" />
<Patch Number="XG-078" Name="Shakhchi" ProgramChange="77" />
<Patch Number="XG-079" Name="Whistle" ProgramChange="78" />
<Patch Number="XG-080" Name="Ocarina" ProgramChange="79" />
<Patch Number="XG-081" Name="SquareLd" ProgramChange="80" />
<Patch Number="XG-082" Name="SawLead" ProgramChange="81" />
<Patch Number="XG-083" Name="CaliopLd" ProgramChange="82" />
<Patch Number="XG-084" Name="ChiffLd" ProgramChange="83" />
<Patch Number="XG-085" Name="CharanLd" ProgramChange="84" />
<Patch Number="XG-086" Name="VoiceLd" ProgramChange="85" />
<Patch Number="XG-087" Name="FifthLd" ProgramChange="86" />
<Patch Number="XG-088" Name="BassandLd" ProgramChange="87" />
<Patch Number="XG-089" Name="NewAgePd" ProgramChange="88" />
<Patch Number="XG-090" Name="WarmPad" ProgramChange="89" />
<Patch Number="XG-091" Name="PolySyPd" ProgramChange="90" />
<Patch Number="XG-092" Name="ChoirPad" ProgramChange="91" />
<Patch Number="XG-093" Name="BowedPad" ProgramChange="92" />
<Patch Number="XG-094" Name="MetalPad" ProgramChange="93" />
<Patch Number="XG-095" Name="HaloPad" ProgramChange="94" />
<Patch Number="XG-096" Name="SweepPad" ProgramChange="95" />
<Patch Number="XG-097" Name="Rain" ProgramChange="96" />
<Patch Number="XG-098" Name="SoundTrk" ProgramChange="97" />
<Patch Number="XG-099" Name="Crystal" ProgramChange="98" />
<Patch Number="XG-100" Name="Atmosphr" ProgramChange="99" />
<Patch Number="XG-101" Name="Bright" ProgramChange="100" />
<Patch Number="XG-102" Name="Goblins" ProgramChange="101" />
<Patch Number="XG-103" Name="Echoes" ProgramChange="102" />
<Patch Number="XG-104" Name="SciFi" ProgramChange="103" />
<Patch Number="XG-105" Name="Sitar" ProgramChange="104" />
<Patch Number="XG-106" Name="Banjo" ProgramChange="105" />
<Patch Number="XG-107" Name="Shamisen" ProgramChange="106" />
<Patch Number="XG-108" Name="Koto" ProgramChange="107" />
<Patch Number="XG-109" Name="Kalimba" ProgramChange="108" />
<Patch Number="XG-110" Name="Bagpipe" ProgramChange="109" />
<Patch Number="XG-111" Name="Fiddle" ProgramChange="110" />
<Patch Number="XG-112" Name="Shanai" ProgramChange="111" />
<Patch Number="XG-113" Name="TnklBell" ProgramChange="112" />
<Patch Number="XG-114" Name="Agogo" ProgramChange="113" />
<Patch Number="XG-115" Name="SteelDrm" ProgramChange="114" />
<Patch Number="XG-116" Name="WoodBlok" ProgramChange="115" />
<Patch Number="XG-117" Name="TaikoDrm" ProgramChange="116" />
<Patch Number="XG-118" Name="MelodTom" ProgramChange="117" />
<Patch Number="XG-119" Name="SynDrum" ProgramChange="118" />
<Patch Number="XG-120" Name="RevCymbl" ProgramChange="119" />
<Patch Number="XG-121" Name="FretNoiz" ProgramChange="120" />
<Patch Number="XG-122" Name="BrthNoiz" ProgramChange="121" />
<Patch Number="XG-123" Name="Seashore" ProgramChange="122" />
<Patch Number="XG-124" Name="Tweet" ProgramChange="123" />
<Patch Number="XG-125" Name="Telphone" ProgramChange="124" />
<Patch Number="XG-126" Name="Helicptr" ProgramChange="125" />
<Patch Number="XG-127" Name="Applause" ProgramChange="126" />
<Patch Number="XG-128" Name="Gunshot" ProgramChange="127" />


<PatchNameList Name="Preset">
<Patch Number="P-001" Name="CrystaLake" ProgramChange="0" />
<Patch Number="P-002" Name="Floyd" ProgramChange="1" />
<Patch Number="P-003" Name="CosmicRays" ProgramChange="2" />
<Patch Number="P-004" Name="SoliPhase" ProgramChange="3" />
<Patch Number="P-005" Name="BigBellPad" ProgramChange="4" />
<Patch Number="P-006" Name="SpaceGlass" ProgramChange="5" />
<Patch Number="P-007" Name="BlueWater" ProgramChange="6" />
<Patch Number="P-008" Name="CS 01" ProgramChange="7" />
<Patch Number="P-009" Name="Punch Bass" ProgramChange="8" />
<Patch Number="P-010" Name="Solid" ProgramChange="9" />
<Patch Number="P-011" Name="Black" ProgramChange="10" />
<Patch Number="P-012" Name="Black2" ProgramChange="11" />
<Patch Number="P-013" Name="SuperBass" ProgramChange="12" />
<Patch Number="P-014" Name="BrutBass" ProgramChange="13" />
<Patch Number="P-015" Name="SubBass" ProgramChange="14" />
<Patch Number="P-016" Name="FormantBas" ProgramChange="15" />
<Patch Number="P-017" Name="Sine" ProgramChange="16" />
<Patch Number="P-018" Name="Mogue" ProgramChange="17" />
<Patch Number="P-019" Name="KickBass" ProgramChange="18" />
<Patch Number="P-020" Name="FngandSlap" ProgramChange="19" />
<Patch Number="P-021" Name="MellowWood" ProgramChange="20" />
<Patch Number="P-022" Name="AutumnWind" ProgramChange="21" />
<Patch Number="P-023" Name="MotherErth" ProgramChange="22" />
<Patch Number="P_024" Name="Moonraker" ProgramChange="23" />
<Patch Number="P-025" Name="Mariana" ProgramChange="24" />
<Patch Number="P-026" Name="JewelBox" ProgramChange="25" />
<Patch Number="P-027" Name="SprinMorni" ProgramChange="26" />
<Patch Number="P-028" Name="FeatherVce" ProgramChange="27" />
<Patch Number="P-029" Name="MontBlanc" ProgramChange="28" />
<Patch Number="P-030" Name="ResoDrone" ProgramChange="29" />
<Patch Number="P-031" Name="Coral" ProgramChange="30" />
<Patch Number="P-032" Name="JungleRoad" ProgramChange="31" />
<Patch Number="P-033" Name="909Kit" ProgramChange="32" />
<Patch Number="P-034" Name="SubTformer" ProgramChange="33" />
<Patch Number="P-035" Name="PowerSyn" ProgramChange="34" />
<Patch Number="P-036" Name="Matrix" ProgramChange="35" />
<Patch Number="P-037" Name="HitIt" ProgramChange="36" />
<Patch Number="P-038" Name="TekkBrass" ProgramChange="37" />
<Patch Number="P-039" Name="P5BrassAT" ProgramChange="38" />
<Patch Number="P-040" Name="Majesty" ProgramChange="39" />
<Patch Number="P-041" Name="Sir" ProgramChange="40" />
<Patch Number="P-042" Name="40thBrass" ProgramChange="41" />
<Patch Number="P-043" Name="BrassFall" ProgramChange="42" />
<Patch Number="P-044" Name="Four" ProgramChange="43" />
<Patch Number="P-045" Name="Orch ff" ProgramChange="44" />
<Patch Number="P-046" Name="StabSectAT" ProgramChange="45" />
<Patch Number="P-047" Name="HouseHit1" ProgramChange="46" />
<Patch Number="P-048" Name="HouseHit2" ProgramChange="47" />
<Patch Number="P-049" Name="MajorHit" ProgramChange="48" />
<Patch Number="P-050" Name="TekkHit" ProgramChange="49" />
<Patch Number="P-051" Name="RezSet1" ProgramChange="50" />
<Patch Number="P-052" Name="RezSet2" ProgramChange="51" />
<Patch Number="P-053" Name="RezSet3" ProgramChange="52" />
<Patch Number="P-054" Name="DasBoot" ProgramChange="53" />
<Patch Number="P-055" Name="BeadsChoir" ProgramChange="54" />
<Patch Number="P-056" Name="ChoirWind" ProgramChange="55" />
<Patch Number="P-057" Name="TapeSpin" ProgramChange="56" />
<Patch Number="P-058" Name="Horror" ProgramChange="57" />
<Patch Number="P-059" Name="Harbour" ProgramChange="58" />
<Patch Number="P-060" Name="Factory" ProgramChange="59" />
<Patch Number="P-061" Name="Nightmare" ProgramChange="60" />
<Patch Number="P-062" Name="HarpMinor" ProgramChange="61" />
<Patch Number="P-063" Name="DanceOrgan" ProgramChange="62" />
<Patch Number="P-064" Name="BeatOrgan" ProgramChange="63" />
<Patch Number="P-065" Name="Glassy" ProgramChange="64" />
<Patch Number="P-066" Name="Purple" ProgramChange="65" />
<Patch Number="P-067" Name="FestHall" ProgramChange="66" />
<Patch Number="P-068" Name="Steyrisch" ProgramChange="67" />
<Patch Number="P-069" Name="AcidSaw" ProgramChange="68" />
<Patch Number="P-070" Name="Dirty" ProgramChange="69" />
<Patch Number="P-071" Name="Chrystal" ProgramChange="70" />
<Patch Number="P-072" Name="Bottlead" ProgramChange="71" />
<Patch Number="P-073" Name="MgSoloAT" ProgramChange="72" />
<Patch Number="P-074" Name="FeedLead" ProgramChange="73" />
<Patch Number="P-075" Name="Delylah" ProgramChange="74" />
<Patch Number="P-076" Name="MrDuke" ProgramChange="75" />
<Patch Number="P-077" Name="RaveHook" ProgramChange="76" />
<Patch Number="P-078" Name="MegaHook" ProgramChange="77" />
<Patch Number="P-079" Name="Fluty" ProgramChange="78" />
<Patch Number="P-080" Name="SyncHit" ProgramChange="79" />
<Patch Number="P-081" Name="TekkLine" ProgramChange="80" />
<Patch Number="P-082" Name="ResoComp" ProgramChange="81" />
<Patch Number="P-083" Name="PowerComp" ProgramChange="82" />
<Patch Number="P-084" Name="SeqQoirMW" ProgramChange="83" />
<Patch Number="P-085" Name="NoiseVox" ProgramChange="84" />
<Patch Number="P-086" Name="TekkChord" ProgramChange="85" />
<Patch Number="P-087" Name="PulseStab" ProgramChange="86" />
<Patch Number="P-088" Name="AcidPulse" ProgramChange="87" />
<Patch Number="P-089" Name="SawStab1" ProgramChange="88" />
<Patch Number="P-090" Name="SawStab2" ProgramChange="89" />
<Patch Number="P-091" Name="VelChoir" ProgramChange="90" />
<Patch Number="P-092" Name="Cathedral" ProgramChange="91" />
<Patch Number="P-093" Name="Gregorian" ProgramChange="92" />
<Patch Number="P-094" Name="DancePno1" ProgramChange="93" />
<Patch Number="P-095" Name="JazzyPno" ProgramChange="94" />
<Patch Number="P-096" Name="Romantic" ProgramChange="95" />
<Patch Number="P-097" Name="DXorigin" ProgramChange="96" />
<Patch Number="P-098" Name="IceDX" ProgramChange="97" />
<Patch Number="P-099" Name="Suitcase" ProgramChange="98" />
<Patch Number="P-100" Name="Condenser" ProgramChange="99" />
<Patch Number="P-101" Name="CelestaEP" ProgramChange="100" />
<Patch Number="P-102" Name="WahClavi" ProgramChange="101" />
<Patch Number="P-103" Name="Vai" ProgramChange="102" />
<Patch Number="P-104" Name="Steve" ProgramChange="103" />
<Patch Number="P-105" Name="Grunge" ProgramChange="104" />
<Patch Number="P-106" Name="Feedback" ProgramChange="105" />
<Patch Number="P-107" Name="Dimenzion" ProgramChange="106" />
<Patch Number="P-108" Name="VeloStrat" ProgramChange="107" />
<Patch Number="P-109" Name="12Martin" ProgramChange="108" />
<Patch Number="P-110" Name="Legato" ProgramChange="109" />
<Patch Number="P-111" Name="Arco" ProgramChange="110" />
<Patch Number="P-112" Name="BackStrngs" ProgramChange="111" />
<Patch Number="P-113" Name="Quartet" ProgramChange="112" />
<Patch Number="P-114" Name="Marcato" ProgramChange="113" />
<Patch Number="P-115" Name="Wedding" ProgramChange="114" />
<Patch Number="P-116" Name="AfroDrum" ProgramChange="115" />
<Patch Number="P-117" Name="Emperor" ProgramChange="116" />
<Patch Number="P-118" Name="KamaSutra" ProgramChange="117" />
<Patch Number="P-119" Name="Bahama" ProgramChange="118" />
<Patch Number="P-120" Name="Foster" ProgramChange="119" />
<Patch Number="P-121" Name="AnalgSplit" ProgramChange="120" />
<Patch Number="P-122" Name="JazzyClub" ProgramChange="121" />
<Patch Number="P-123" Name="SectnSplit" ProgramChange="122" />
<Patch Number="P-124" Name="WoodSect" ProgramChange="123" />
<Patch Number="P-125" Name="RockSet" ProgramChange="124" />
<Patch Number="P-126" Name="BigBand" ProgramChange="125" />
<Patch Number="P-127" Name="Symphony" ProgramChange="126" />
<Patch Number="P-128" Name="CandleLite" ProgramChange="127" />

<PatchNameList Name="User">
<Patch Number="U-001" Name="Aurora" ProgramChange="0" />
<Patch Number="U-002" Name="TriPad" ProgramChange="1" />
<Patch Number="U-003" Name="Expander" ProgramChange="2" />
<Patch Number="U-004" Name="DancePulse" ProgramChange="3" />
<Patch Number="U-005" Name="Rezzy" ProgramChange="4" />
<Patch Number="U-006" Name="PulseWmod" ProgramChange="5" />
<Patch Number="U-007" Name="SeqSaw1" ProgramChange="6" />
<Patch Number="U-008" Name="SeqSaw2" ProgramChange="7" />
<Patch Number="U-009" Name="SeqPulse" ProgramChange="8" />
<Patch Number="U-010" Name="SeqSinMW" ProgramChange="9" />
<Patch Number="U-011" Name="Pulse25" ProgramChange="10" />
<Patch Number="U-012" Name="Amped" ProgramChange="11" />
<Patch Number="U-013" Name="Crawl" ProgramChange="12" />
<Patch Number="U-014" Name="TheseDays" ProgramChange="13" />
<Patch Number="U-015" Name="Precision" ProgramChange="14" />
<Patch Number="U-016" Name="HvyWeather" ProgramChange="15" />
<Patch Number="U-017" Name="HarmoLead" ProgramChange="16" />
<Patch Number="U-018" Name="Opus" ProgramChange="17" />
<Patch Number="U-019" Name="LightandBody" ProgramChange="18" />
<Patch Number="U-020" Name="Sprite" ProgramChange="19" />
<Patch Number="U-021" Name="Sanctuary" ProgramChange="20" />
<Patch Number="U-022" Name="Eerie" ProgramChange="21" />
<Patch Number="U-023" Name="SlowMorph" ProgramChange="22" />
<Patch Number="U_024" Name="HeliDrone" ProgramChange="23" />
<Patch Number="U-025" Name="AmbientAT" ProgramChange="24" />
<Patch Number="U-026" Name="SubOscltr" ProgramChange="25" />
<Patch Number="U-027" Name="ObieSoft" ProgramChange="26" />
<Patch Number="U-028" Name="DanceSaw" ProgramChange="27" />
<Patch Number="U-029" Name="Brother" ProgramChange="28" />
<Patch Number="U-030" Name="Sforzando" ProgramChange="29" />
<Patch Number="U-031" Name="HrnSectff" ProgramChange="30" />
<Patch Number="U-032" Name="BigEns" ProgramChange="31" />
<Patch Number="U-033" Name="Tijuana" ProgramChange="32" />
<Patch Number="U-034" Name="MilesAway" ProgramChange="33" />
<Patch Number="U-035" Name="BackHorns" ProgramChange="34" />
<Patch Number="U-036" Name="Shining" ProgramChange="35" />
<Patch Number="U-037" Name="RoboChat" ProgramChange="36" />
<Patch Number="U-038" Name="DanceSE" ProgramChange="37" />
<Patch Number="U-039" Name="SandH303" ProgramChange="38" />
<Patch Number="U-040" Name="DevilBell" ProgramChange="39" />
<Patch Number="U-041" Name="RezSet4" ProgramChange="40" />
<Patch Number="U-042" Name="Compact" ProgramChange="41" />
<Patch Number="U-043" Name="PhaseOrgan" ProgramChange="42" />
<Patch Number="U-044" Name="Door" ProgramChange="43" />
<Patch Number="U-045" Name="Principal" ProgramChange="44" />
<Patch Number="U-046" Name="TheatrOrg" ProgramChange="45" />
<Patch Number="U-047" Name="Sixties" ProgramChange="46" />
<Patch Number="U-048" Name="DistHamOrg" ProgramChange="47" />
<Patch Number="U-049" Name="ClickJazz" ProgramChange="48" />
<Patch Number="U-050" Name="Gospel" ProgramChange="49" />
<Patch Number="U-051" Name="Tango" ProgramChange="50" />
<Patch Number="U-052" Name="Musette" ProgramChange="51" />
<Patch Number="U-053" Name="Jan" ProgramChange="52" />
<Patch Number="U-054" Name="Thick" ProgramChange="53" />
<Patch Number="U-055" Name="SawHorn" ProgramChange="54" />
<Patch Number="U-056" Name="Plucky" ProgramChange="55" />
<Patch Number="U-057" Name="PureSine" ProgramChange="56" />
<Patch Number="U-058" Name="PureTri" ProgramChange="57" />
<Patch Number="U-059" Name="ScatLine" ProgramChange="58" />
<Patch Number="U-060" Name="GlassCut" ProgramChange="59" />
<Patch Number="U-061" Name="SynClavi" ProgramChange="60" />
<Patch Number="U-062" Name="SeqQoirVel" ProgramChange="61" />
<Patch Number="U-063" Name="Vocoder" ProgramChange="62" />
<Patch Number="U-064" Name="ResoChoir" ProgramChange="63" />
<Patch Number="U-065" Name="TronChoir" ProgramChange="64" />
<Patch Number="U-066" Name="HbriChoir" ProgramChange="65" />
<Patch Number="U-067" Name="DancePno2" ProgramChange="66" />
<Patch Number="U-068" Name="CheapDance" ProgramChange="67" />
<Patch Number="U-069" Name="Hard" ProgramChange="68" />
<Patch Number="U-070" Name="WirePiano" ProgramChange="69" />
<Patch Number="U-071" Name="Rock" ProgramChange="70" />
<Patch Number="U-072" Name="CP80Chorus" ProgramChange="71" />
<Patch Number="U-073" Name="CP80Heavy" ProgramChange="72" />
<Patch Number="U-074" Name="JazzyCP70" ProgramChange="73" />
<Patch Number="U-075" Name="Wurlitz" ProgramChange="74" />
<Patch Number="U-076" Name="PanWurlitz" ProgramChange="75" />
<Patch Number="U-077" Name="DigiRoads" ProgramChange="76" />
<Patch Number="U-078" Name="PhaseRoads" ProgramChange="77" />
<Patch Number="U-079" Name="PanningEP" ProgramChange="78" />
<Patch Number="U-080" Name="NoisyClav" ProgramChange="79" />
<Patch Number="U-081" Name="70thClavnt" ProgramChange="80" />
<Patch Number="U-082" Name="Cembalo" ProgramChange="81" />
<Patch Number="U-083" Name="Woman" ProgramChange="82" />
<Patch Number="U-084" Name="HalfDrive" ProgramChange="83" />
<Patch Number="U-085" Name="CryMW" ProgramChange="84" />
<Patch Number="U-086" Name="FunkWahMW" ProgramChange="85" />
<Patch Number="U-087" Name="ChrusStrat" ProgramChange="86" />
<Patch Number="U-088" Name="Classic" ProgramChange="87" />
<Patch Number="U-089" Name="Sevilla" ProgramChange="88" />
<Patch Number="U-090" Name="Benson" ProgramChange="89" />
<Patch Number="U-091" Name="HawaiDoA" ProgramChange="90" />
<Patch Number="U-092" Name="MarcStrngs" ProgramChange="91" />
<Patch Number="U-093" Name="AnaStrngs" ProgramChange="92" />
<Patch Number="U-094" Name="Chamber" ProgramChange="93" />
<Patch Number="U-095" Name="SfzTremolo" ProgramChange="94" />
<Patch Number="U-096" Name="Oct" ProgramChange="95" />
<Patch Number="U-097" Name="StereoPizz" ProgramChange="96" />
<Patch Number="U-098" Name="LoFiStr" ProgramChange="97" />
<Patch Number="U-099" Name="ViennaWltz" ProgramChange="98" />
<Patch Number="U-100" Name="DarkStrngs" ProgramChange="99" />
<Patch Number="U-101" Name="Grapelli" ProgramChange="100" />
<Patch Number="U-102" Name="HandBell" ProgramChange="101" />
<Patch Number="U-103" Name="JazzVibes" ProgramChange="102" />
<Patch Number="U-104" Name="WhiteBell" ProgramChange="103" />
<Patch Number="U-105" Name="BluezMW" ProgramChange="104" />
<Patch Number="U-106" Name="Toots" ProgramChange="105" />
<Patch Number="U-107" Name="Alto" ProgramChange="106" />
<Patch Number="U-108" Name="SoloOboe" ProgramChange="107" />
<Patch Number="U-109" Name="PicoRcrdr" ProgramChange="108" />
<Patch Number="U-110" Name="PiccoSolo" ProgramChange="109" />
<Patch Number="U-111" Name="PerciFlute" ProgramChange="110" />
<Patch Number="U-112" Name="Ravi" ProgramChange="111" />
<Patch Number="U-113" Name="Shaku" ProgramChange="112" />
<Patch Number="U-114" Name="RichKoto" ProgramChange="113" />
<Patch Number="U-115" Name="Bali" ProgramChange="114" />
<Patch Number="U-116" Name="Shami" ProgramChange="115" />
<Patch Number="U-117" Name="Santur2" ProgramChange="116" />
<Patch Number="U-118" Name="Zither" ProgramChange="117" />
<Patch Number="U-119" Name="HackBrett" ProgramChange="118" />
<Patch Number="U-120" Name="ScottPipe" ProgramChange="119" />
<Patch Number="U-121" Name="Xylopad" ProgramChange="120" />
<Patch Number="U-122" Name="StrynxandPno" ProgramChange="121" />
<Patch Number="U-123" Name="Fairy" ProgramChange="122" />
<Patch Number="U-124" Name="EPandStrings" ProgramChange="123" />
<Patch Number="U-125" Name="70thCrime" ProgramChange="124" />
<Patch Number="U-126" Name="FunkSplit" ProgramChange="125" />
<Patch Number="U-127" Name="Haendel" ProgramChange="126" />
<Patch Number="U-128" Name="Zamphir" ProgramChange="127" />

ibook G4 1.2gHz 1.25gb RAM
OS 10.4.10
and other bits and pieces...
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Old 10-24-2004, 02:30 PM
cheerio cheerio is offline
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Default Re: How do I get my .midnam patch file to work?

<Patch Number="P_024" Name="Moonraker" ProgramChange="23" />
<Patch Number="XG_024" Name="TangoAcd" ProgramChange="23" />

The underscore could be your problem. I noticed it in the same place on a couple of other banks. If one character is off, it could screw you up. Also, in the Name " " field you cannot have characters like " ( ) ~ " " < >". These are sure to give you parsing errors. Your file looks clear of these characters, but for someone else encountering this problem, this could be a fix
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Old 10-26-2004, 05:38 PM
bluerockgod bluerockgod is offline
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Default Re: How do I get my .midnam patch file to work?

Thanks David,
I didn't notice the underscores. I'll give it a go and let you know. I appreciate your response, it is really hard to get an answer on this "mysterious" subject.
I'd love to be able to help with your program change question. But I can't think of anything. I'll write a couple of things on your post to try and stimulate discussion.
Thanks again,
ibook G4 1.2gHz 1.25gb RAM
OS 10.4.10
and other bits and pieces...
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