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Old 07-17-2011, 12:06 AM
sjs sjs is offline
Join Date: Nov 2000
Location: Bulgaria
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Default SATA to PATA optibay - what HDD

I just got an optibay for my macbook and now I need to decide what HDD to put in it. However, it converts a SATA hdd to the PATA connection on the logicboard and the question is if that conversion will degrade the performace of the drive, that way making it pointless to buy 7200 HDD. I hope I am clear. I have an external FW HDD from OWC that works perfect, but it is really heavy and I will be happy to leave it at home when I need to record somewhere else. The audio track count is not really an issue in my situation - just the realtime performance.
Any advice will be welcome
Thank you
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Old 08-02-2011, 07:53 PM
Craig F Craig F is offline
Join Date: Aug 2000
Location: Portland, OR
Posts: 12,591
Default Re: SATA to PATA optibay - what HDD

what spec it the ATA on the board?
(33 | 66 | 100 |133)

any good 7200 RPM drive should be OK as long as the PATA is 100 or 133
no "green" drives

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Thank you,

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Old 08-02-2011, 07:59 PM
sunburst79 sunburst79 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Cleveland, Ohio USA
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Default Re: SATA to PATA optibay - what HDD

Originally Posted by Craig F View Post
what spec it the ATA on the board?
(33 | 66 | 100 |133)

any good 7200 RPM drive should be OK as long as the PATA is 100 or 133
no "green" drives
What Craig said and if you have choice go for a drive with a larger cache. The drive will be the bottleneck not the interface.

I am fairly confident that any Intel Mac MB will have a ATA133 interface for the optical drive.

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Old 08-18-2011, 07:23 AM
aka21stCentury aka21stCentury is offline
Join Date: Jun 2000
Location: Loma Prieta Fault
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Default Re: SATA to PATA optibay - what HDD

Most optical bays on MacIntel's are SATA 2 (PPC G-5 has a SATA 1.5 controller, so the hard drive must be bridged down to SATA 1.5 to avoid controller issues reported frequently on the early G-5s. Seagate Barracudas vs 12s allow this. But it is not widely know. Post back here if you need the pin configuration to bridge it down (my son's G-5 tower required this for FCP).

I have a removable circuit board in my oxford OWC enclosure, ATA 133, if I remove it it is SATA II. The mac or PC 'sees' an oxford chipset that is all -- 1394b or USB-2. I think it is really handy, since I still run older macs (ATA 100) with newer macs as well as a W-7 PC, w/ SATA II and NTSF 3-g on the Mac or MacFuse on Macintel. Will soon try Paragon to mount HFS+ drives on the W-7 machine.

Best Buy sells a 7,200 RPM WD PATA drive 500 gig (ATA 133) that is extremely fast in seek times so ignore the cache. It has consistently beat out all its competition (Hitachi Ultrastar, Caviars, etc) close to a Raptor or Cheetah actually... but not noisy.

It is really hard to compare a SATA II vs ATA 133 with the adapter, but running the PATA drive (ATA 100) for backup off the older G-4, G-5s, it seems to be fast enough to record, that is with the Oxford 944 chipset and the OWC logic board adapter which if removed is SATA II, on it is ATA 133. Since most of my larger drives are used with a PCI ATA 133 card, yet the Barracudas themselves are ATA 100. Not have had a problem except there is a glitch in Tiger if you boot into OS-9.2.2 with the older Disk Warrior init. It should be the init off the DW 3 (in extension set)... not the earlier 8.6-9 versions. There is a warning or was on Alsoft's website. I lost a huge drive with most of my second BUs, then the main BU got lunched. Weird. The Pro Tools Session would be there and Audio Folder, yet the audio itself missing. I tried ResEdit to see if the files had turned invisible, but no. I had the scavenge with Norton. Royal PITA, since the audio files are no longer in folders.

OWC still adapts the iMAC removing the optical drive and installing an eSATA connector. So both the MacMini, iMac are SATA (as people have tried the mac mini server, using the second drive as an eSATA connector, but you must use Pacifist and modify the text in the Apple installer to get the non-server Leopard or Sno Leopard installed. There are instructions on how to remove this limitation. I.E. a G-4 867 won't allow Leopard. But a dual 800 will. So you can view the text argument and modify it, then burn a new installer. I think Toast 4.2 still allows a DVD or CD to boot a mac, but you must go into options on burning prior to making it bootable. Later than 4.2 is a no go. Or clone with SuperDuper a clean install on a non GUID partition PPC (Macintel requires a GUID partition table) where the PPC does not. Or vice versa. Call OWC and make certain that Oxford chipset allows booting. SuperDuper clone is free, the incremental backup costs $
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