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Old 03-30-2006, 07:50 PM
zimmy2000 zimmy2000 is offline
Join Date: Mar 2006
Posts: 25
Default PT III and expansion chassis issue

First I'll give a little history. I have a mac 9600 with a G3 card OS 9.0.4 yadda yadda. I have 2 Disk I/O cards, and 3 DSP Farm cards. On the mac I have the video card in the bottom (closest to the floor) pci slot with the I/O cards decending in order from closest to powersupply. Okay, so this is running fine with Pro tools 5.0.1. That's the history.

I recently recieved an expansion chassis and another DSP card (and corresponding ribbon). What I want to do is switch to the chassis (I have to anyway to accomodate the new DSP). Also I'd like to free up the computer's pci slots for a USB card and another video card, but that's not that important right now. So the model of my chassis is a Digidesign Expansion Chassis, made by SBS and the model number is MH477. It's a 7 slot. So I placed just one I/O card and one DSP card in it. (Plus I have the controller card in the closest to powersupply pci on the mac). In the chassis I placed the cards in decending order furthest away from the powersupply as they are numbered that way. So I booted the computer, ran digitest and the two cards passed and pro tools ran fine. So I went ahead and put the other I/O in (moving the DSP down one) and the remaining 3 DSP cards. For a total of 6 cards.

So I booted the computer and when the extension digi init came up, the computer showed an error and a mac bomb and it said "Digisystem INIT bus error, hold down shift and reboot to turn off extensions" etc. So not knowing what that's about I take out the new DSP card thinking it's that. So I boot with only 3 DSP's and I get the same message. So I take out all the DSP's except one leaving the 2 I/O's, and again same error. So I take out the second I/O and put all DSP's back in thinking it has to be the second I/O. Nope, same thing.

So I know I'm writing a novel here, but I had to give what trouble shooting I've already done. I have also cleared the Pram, and resest the motherboard a couple of times in between, but it didn't matter. Also in case you mention it, if I reverse the card order in the chassis, I still get the same error. So why would 1 I/O, and 1 DSP work, but anything more and I'm fubar? I tried answerbase and search, but nothing comes up that's specific enough. Anyway, if you guys could help that'd be uber great. Thanks.
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Old 03-31-2006, 09:54 AM
zimmy2000 zimmy2000 is offline
Join Date: Mar 2006
Posts: 25
Default Re: PT III and expansion chassis issue

Also I wanted to add that I have the video card in the lowest slot on the mac (closest to the floor still) Also that since that error comes up it won't boot with extensions on. I have to reboot holding the shift key (I know I mentioned this already, but I think this is important to note) to turn off extensions. If I do that and turn off the computer, then unplug the expansion chassis from the mac and reboot it'll boot fine. Though obviously without any digi cards. So just another note.

I just noticed that I could edit, sorry for posting again guys.

I just read on Digi site that my DSP cards have to be Rev H serial number FF09226 or higher to be suppported by the chassis. I haven't checked all my DSP cards, but obviously DSP number 1 is fine. I know that it's rev Q anyway. Because if it worked with 1 I/O. But why wouldn't it work with two I/O's? It doesn't say anything about what serial number your disk I\O's have to be. So the mystery continues. Thanks guys.


Okay, so 2 of the DSP's are older serial numbers, and 2 are new enough. So I tried 1 I/O and the two newer DSP's. That booted fine, and digitest was a pass. Sweet I thought. So I put in the other I/O and moved down the two DSP's. Nope. I get the bus error and bomb again. I looked at the I/O and it's rev and serial number are within the same range as the first I/O. So it would seem that 2 of my DSP's won't work in the chassis and the other I/O won't work in the chassis. So that leaves me with less than if I just go straight with the mac, and leave out the chassis and 1 DSP. That sucks. I wonder why the other I/O won't work? At least if it worked I could see if I could upgrade the DSP cards. Any thoughts?
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Old 04-08-2006, 11:09 AM
ppuskari2 ppuskari2 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Lancaster, OH
Posts: 51
Default Re: PT III and expansion chassis issue

I know this is probably a long shot, but I have to do this with my NUBUS Expansion chassis from time to time or my Quadra650 won't boot and exhibits a lot of what you are seeing on your 9600 pci mac.. I have just received my first 9600 300mhz machine last week. Guess I will start collecting PCI Digi cards now!!!

At any rate, what I have to do is power on the mac then within the first second or two, power up the external chassis. Not sure why this should work, and actually I would usually vote against doing it in that order, but at least on a NUBUS expansion chassis it works great and my old system is rock solid with 11 NUBUS cards in the chassis.

Just an off the wall idea,

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