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Old 10-29-1998, 03:16 PM
DigiTechSupt's Avatar
DigiTechSupt DigiTechSupt is offline
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Default SampleCell Editor wishlist

Hi all,

I wanted to start a user's wishlist for new features. I'm aware of one that came through a while ago but thought there might be some new suggestions.

Personally I think the most important would be dual mono file support for stereo instruments. Next would be a sound file editor for converting various file formats to formats SC can use.

I'll throw more out when I think of them... what's on your mind?

When this thread gets stale I'll try and compile the requests and pass them on up.

thanks for your help,

Avid Audio Tech Support
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Old 10-29-1998, 04:47 PM
Bryan Bryan is offline
Join Date: Dec 1969
Posts: 474
Default Re: SampleCell Editor wishlist

Wish lists are cool.

1. Automated integration with Protools: ability to select a region in the edit window and tell it to "go to samplecell" and for that region to magically become a sc inst along with a corresponding midi note triggering that inst in the identical place in the pt edit window...ala synclavier. Maybe even make sc software a part of pt. Is that feasible or even desireable? Not sure. I'll bet you've considered it. This will go nicely with the new sequencer functions you're building into protools (?).

2. Resonant filters.

3. any sample in an inst out any output.

4. MORE outputs to show up in pt tdm routing

5. MORE voices and ram on a card or are we just talking software updates here?

6. maybe integrate some functions similar to Gallery Samplesearch within the program.

7. For goodness sake, give it a new look ;>


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Old 10-29-1998, 06:04 PM
Stephane Stephane is offline
Join Date: Dec 1969
Posts: 10
Default Re: SampleCell Editor wishlist

Are you talking about the Editor for PC ???
If it's the case, you should think about few things :
- Support for Windows 95-98 (32bit).
- Long file names.
- Graphical editing for the ADSR.
- Improving the interface of the editor, not like the ugly 1.02N version, something more graphical...
- Add some kind of subgroups to change the volume of several instrument together.
- A way to cut and paste parameters from one instrument to an other.
- Exact value editing for instrument volume for example.
- Improving the loading of instruments, especialy if the INS and WAV files have been moving.
- Possibility to launch a choosen wave editor to work on WAV / AIFF files.
- A modern, easy and nice looking editor that can make me forget the LCD of my old Akai sampler (this is not the case with the "actual" version 1.02N !).

A lot of users are waiting for this, believe me.

E-mail me if you want more details or if I can help at steph@interpc.fr

Any idea of the time you need to release a new version of this editor for poor PC users ???
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Old 10-29-1998, 07:53 PM
Eric Lambert's Avatar
Eric Lambert Eric Lambert is offline
Join Date: Dec 1969
Location: Los Angeles
Posts: 2,743
Default Re: SampleCell Editor wishlist

I can't believe it! Did you post this message by mistake? Was your request for a wishlist intended as a joke that somehow found it's way onto this conference? Maybe you guys really are listening to us! I guess I should stop being a smart-ass and actually give my list:

DOUBLE THOSE VOICES...I'm really tired of the limitations, especially when doing thick strings or extensive drum parts. Double (if not more) the available voices would be a nice gesture from Digi.

GIVE US SOME MORE OUTPUTS...It's not a lot to ask. I know that adding more analog outs may be tricky for you, but how about us in TDM-land. Throw a few more seats on that TDM-bus. Maybe 16 per card instead of 8.

HIPPER EDITOR...I don't necessarily need integration into PT, but take a look at what some of the other maufacturers are doing. Does the SC editor need a little work???

UPDATED PROCESSORS?.?.I'm not trying to sound like an angry customer, but can you look into better sounding processors. SC via TDM sounds really good, and I'm not exactly complaining, but what can be done to make a good thing great?

SAMPLESEARCH...Good point Bryan. I know that you guys could really go crazy with this one. SampleSearch does so many cool things, it's a shame that some of it's primary features aren't standard with your editor.

It seems that the power of the ProTools audio cards is increasing exponentially. "Three times the power of the original card, now in one convenient package." How about the same thing for SampleCell. I hope that there's enough of a market for SC to justify these improvements. If not, a leap of faith in your customers may just be what you need to get us excited again.

If you build it...we will buy!
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Old 10-29-1998, 09:08 PM
David Schweitzer David Schweitzer is offline
Join Date: Dec 1969
Location: UK
Posts: 7
Default Re: SampleCell Editor wishlist

As a PC SampleCell owner, I echo all of Stephane's comments and suggestions about the 1.02N software.

Another couple of things that I think are already implemented on the mac version are the ability to set loop points from with SCII editor, and also a quick way of spreading samples across the keyboard.

Is there going to be a PCI version coming out for PC? And, if so, will it be able link up with Pro Tools as it does on the Mac (TDM).

I hope you weren't only asking for a Mac users wishlist. I'd love to see an update on PC which implemented even half of the suggestions posted here.
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Old 10-30-1998, 07:58 AM
jimlongo's Avatar
jimlongo jimlongo is offline
Join Date: Dec 1969
Location: T_dot
Posts: 2,824
Default Re: SampleCell Editor wishlist

MORE TDM Outputs Please.

Individual sample modulation parameters. The ONLY global instrument paramaters needed are volume and tuning. Everything else should reside with the sample. Check out a WaveFrame sampler sometime.

noise | jimlongo
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Old 10-31-1998, 12:13 AM
Kevan Staples Kevan Staples is offline
Join Date: Dec 1969
Location: Toronto Canadada
Posts: 381
Default Re: SampleCell Editor wishlist

HERE HERE...Where Where

After reading the above requests I can think of nothing else to add. If everyone of these was implemented it would truly make SampleCell a beautiful thing!

TDM expansion
A less cludgy editor
More control of individual samples within an instrument
Search function
A proper global tune parameter

I'm getting redundent here. Come on Digi let's do it...let's fall in love!

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Old 11-01-1998, 02:29 PM
jh jh is offline
Join Date: Nov 1998
Location: sutton surrey UK
Posts: 4
Default Re: SampleCell Editor wishlist

samplecell is GREAT compared to the akai but its range of cd roms is limited. we need intelligent translaters from other format CDroms.And while yo're at it, work it the other way round so that authors could work in more financially rewarding formats and generate SC files at a touch. As a pro I've suffered too long the fact that so much good creativity is aimed sqarely at the bedroom brigade(who I'm not putting down - they are very creative too)but thay have the time to spend dealing with gear that for more money would be so much better and faster to work with. First contribution and I'm on my hobby-horse....got to stop smoking that stuff!
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Old 11-02-1998, 11:36 PM
Enrico Donner Enrico Donner is offline
Join Date: Dec 1969
Location: Switzerland
Posts: 201
Default Re: SampleCell Editor wishlist

WOW! I totally agree with Bryan:
because SD2 is dead and we have to use PT to edit the sounds, I'd love to have
a) a "go to samplecell" feature and other synergies with PT
b) the ability to save the SC2 setup in PT so that when I open a PT session my SC would automatically be ready for use
I also agree with bm about
c) the support for dual mono file for stereo instruments
and at last I agree with jh about
d)some intelligent translaters from other
samplers formats.
Thanks and good development.
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Old 11-03-1998, 09:04 AM
Henrik Henrik is offline
Join Date: Nov 1998
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Posts: 34
Default Re: SampleCell Editor wishlist

OK boys and girls here is my wishlist regarding SampleCell III (Hard-, and software):

To begin with I agree with these 4 basic features that most people want:

-Ram 256
-Voices 128
-Outputs Analog; 16 or with different interface options internally(TDM and S/TDM); UNLIMITED
-Filters Plenty and analog sounding

When digging deeper, COMPATIBILITY is the next thing:

-Ability to Import samples AND Instrument/Bank maps from following formats:
24-bit Sound Designer I/II, SampleCell I/II, AIFF, WAVE, EMU and AKAI S1000/3000/6000,
Yamaha A-3000, Creamware Pulsar & CD-Audio with automatic sample extraction and keymap
placement from Audio CD's.
-Epecially important with 20 and 24-bit support for easy PT transfers AND multiple sample
rates supported simultaneously.
-Ability to EXPORT samples AND Instrument/Bank maps to following formats:
EMU, AKAI S1000/3000/6000, Yamaha A-3000 & Creamware Pulsar
-Ability to EXPORT samples to following formats: AIFF & WAVE
-Split- AND interleaved stereo supported.
-In/out compatibility with Creamware S/TDM bus.

Next big thing is FLEXIBILITY:

-Drag-and-drop to import and export samples, also from most popular sequencers & HD recorders,
or for moving instruments between banks.
-Drag-and-Drop generally supported wherever possible.
-Toolbar and keyboard commands for accessing common functions
-Ability to select multiple instruments for deletion or other actions.
-Ability to select multiple samples for deletion or other actions
-Batch processing if/where appropriate.
-Ability to resolve broken paths for instruments and banks as in Gallery "SampleSearch"
also with SampleCell I compatibility as many Sample libraries are using SC I instrument/bank
format. If not added, at least put a search button into the "open instrument" file selector for
the ability to prelisten to samples belonging to a certain instrument with broken paths.
-One type of instrument regardless of mono or stereo samples used.
-Information of mono or stereo, bits, samplerates etc. for each sample.
-Ability to choose which card to load into also for samples (not only for instruments)
-Per-sample (AND per-instrument of course) FX send, output assigning, envelope, muting, DSP etc
-An UPDATE button please to be able to reload samples which have been edited in other applications.
-Parameter values selectably displayed in Hertz, milliseconds, samples, dB or % where appropriate
-Greater integration with ProTools, but keep it a stand alone application for all those without PT.
-Finally, Why not put it in a separate 1U, 19" buttonless interface, with only analog outs,
MIDI in/through, SCSI and host PCI-bus connector for stand alone use in live situations or when
working elsewhere. Essential functions could be accessable through MIDI, when not connected
to host computor. Also why not also make a cheaper optional PCI card version without DA,
for use only with PT TDM bus AND Creamware S/TDM bus and others.

Finally POWER:

-Per-sample (and per-instrument) filters, EQ and DSP on its own, with overdrive, distortion and
other D-fi effects exept for the usual chorus, phaser, flange, reverb and delay which can
be synchronized to MIDI clock
-Ability to synchronize LFO´s to MIDI clock
-ARPEGGIATOR that can be synchronized to MIDI clock
-Ability to access a stereo signal from HD recorder for traditional sampling with the same kind
of functionality you find on most stand alone samplers.
-Ability to automatically strip silence (as Emagic Logic "strip silence"), crop, name and map samples
-to instruments. For example: record a series of snare hits into one file. Press a button, and start to
play around.
-Improve the loop editor into a real sound editor with DSP algorithms for ordinary soundediting
including plug-in support (kind of incorporating SDII into the SC editor).

That´s all for now /Henrik

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