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Default Re: Heat + Complete Plugin Bundle for all subscribers

Avid has all the incentive in the world to shepherd us all to the new subscription model as quickly as possible, and things like this are one of the few ways they have to do it.
I hate to say it - but we'd all do well to just make whatever peace we can with the idea, because it's just going to keep happening.

They're only going to continue offering perpetual licenses for however long they feel they need to. The minute they think they can afford to do away with them - they will.

The whole 'vote with your wallet' thing has maybe never been more apt. If you're not cool with this 'industry wide' shift toward sub only licensing, then the best way to voice that is by not buying into it.

There's no chance I give up my perpetual PT license anytime soon, but I'll say this - as someone who works in film, sound design, and audio - if they decide to go full Adobe and offer me Media Composer/Pro Tools/Sibelius/all the plugins for, say, $100 a month... I'd probably have to think veeeery seriously about drinking the Kool-Aid there.
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