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Default Re: Seeking TimewARP 2600 Full Version iLok Asset

Originally Posted by wdjudd View Post
Thanks for your reply. I own BC Patchwork and tried this last night. TimewARP 2600 will load, and if I peck on the virtual keyboard sound comes out of the plugin through studio monitors, but I cannot figure out how to get my Axiom 61 to play through it. Any ideas? Thanks.
You using Patchwork as an insert in PT right? There are two versions of Patchwork and you should have both. There's one that's tailored for hosting vi's that's called Patchwork Synth and that's the one you want to use. Patchwork should see your keyboard when used as an insert in PT. There's nothing to set in Patchwork. Can other vi's play okay when triggered from the Axiom?

If you're using Patchwork in standalone you have to configure the MIDI in Patchwork.
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