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Default Seeking TimewARP 2600 Full Version iLok Asset

I am still on Mac OS 10.9.5 Mavericks and running Pro Tools 10.3.10. I own TimewARP 2600 Lite v1.4.1 but would like to have the full version. Over the past four weeks I have purchased TimewARP 2600 Full Version from two different online plugin sellers who advertise the RTAS version is included with the installer. However, the v6.1 installer they are both selling ONLY includes the AU & VST plugins (see attached JPG). I was able to find v1.4.1 RTAS installer online but neither of the activation codes I purchased with authorize the v1.4.1 version - ONLY the v1.6. Does anyone have an iLok asset [or S/N] for TimewARP 2600 Full Version v1.4.1 with RTAS that you will sell?

I own two other versions of the ARP 2600 including Arturia's latest and they are both good products but I would like the TimewARP 2600 too. Thanks.

P.S. I have contacted both online resellers of the TimewARP 2600 Full Version v1.6 and they have confirmed that the v1.6 installer does NOT include the RTAS plugin, but neither have changed the product description on their websites and ONLY one has offered a refund. Also, I have sent several emails directly to Way Out Ware Tech Support to report this issue, but they did NOT return my emails ( I would have thought they would at LEAST have offered to sell me a v1.4.1 iLok asset or S/N. Thanks again.
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