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Default Re: Preamp for drum recording?

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
As an owner of the Midas XL48, I highly recommend it for at least 2 reasons.
#1-it has lightpipe out so its a great match for your setup.
#2-it sounds head and shoulders better than the focusrite on drums(I also have an OctoPre Mk II Dynamic in my rack). I tested against the Neve and API clones I have(and love on certain things) and the XL48 won handily
This is my house Mothertone kit with all the shells thru the Midas. Overheads, hat and ride are thru an ISA-428. Mics are also important and this recording was:
Kick in-Audix D6
Kick out-custom sub-kick
Snare top-Shure Beta56
Snare bottom-EV n/d408
Rack-Audix D6
Floor-Miktek PM11
Ride-Shure SM81 under
Overheads-Miktek C1 pair

Is that your band, Albee? That song is great, love the drum sounds also!
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