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Default Re: You Do Not Have Appropriate Access Privileges (1)...

FOUND A SOLUTION ON REDDIT - Please read below

"I have been running PT 12 for about 2 months now and today, after my computer (a 2014 iMac) froze I had to do a hard reset on the computer, and when I rebooted and tried to launch PT, I got this error. I've been getting it every time I try to open it since. Any words of advice would be so appreciated, as I'm kind of new to this software.

UPDATE 5 DAYS LATER: I figured it out. All I had to do was go to Users/Shared/Pro Tools and drag the Workspace.wksp file to the desktop. Everything works fine now. Hopefully someone sees this in the future and saves themselves from the frustration I've had over this."

Thank you to u/oldmancabbage for making my life so much better
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