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Default Re: Study Pro Tools Online -- Official Avid Courses

Originally Posted by topdiggy2 View Post
Hello Eric -

I tried to visit this link that you posted, but, im having trouble navigating to the section that talks about the course being offered....can you help me out with this?

I am a GA resident, only interested registering as a non-degree seeking student for taking these certifcation classes online.


Hi Joe,

Sorry for the massively delayed response!

Here's the general location of all the course outlines:

The Pro Tools courses are down near the bottom. We rotate through them, with 101 being offered in January, and 110 in April. Not sure about the 200-level schedule at this point, but we usually offer each course once per year.

If you're still interested, shoot me an email at kuehnleric at foothill dot edu.

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