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Default Re: Optical Output issues with 003 Rack

This is interesting, just to note...I opened the same session where my problems first arose, with the Optical output, and had the same issue again. Nothing I could do to resolve that issue while that session was open; I could trash the prefs, and open that session, and the issue would reappear.

Other sessions, after I quit, trashed prefs, and restarted, were fine.

This particular session is the first time people sent me files that were 32 bit, 96khz. It wasn't a big session, either -- they sent me 5 tracks. I opened the session and did some overdubs, say, 4 tracks, and started to build a mix with some Aux Sends for effects, say, 3-4 of those. So we have now, a dozen or so tracks, and then it started to have the issue (I can't say exactly when, but...) I am wondering if perhaps, the brain of the 003 cannot face 32 bit 96khz sessions. I have done 24 bit 96khz sessions, no problem. Interestingly enough, when the immutable, no optical out, only ten outputs (knowing, again, that 9-10 is mapped, immutably, to analog output 1-2 in this odd case) conditions are imposed by ProTools, I am given a new option in the Hardware buffer size: 2048 samples; usually the maximum is 1024. Have you encountered similar issues? Do you think my theory has some weight?
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