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Default Re: Audio Record or Playback Volume Error Info

re: Cant Change External Drive to Audio Record Volume.....Digi do you mean reformat the internal drive or the external one that we cant change to "audio record drive" ?

Also having this prob....when closing a session i get told:

Could not complete your request because Neo Assertion in "/Volumes/Developement/vb_cliff/AlturaPorts/SDKs/Neo61/Libraries/Macintosh/Environments/Alone/../../../../Source/CNeol0Block.cpp", line 164.

The only way to quit protools is to "force quit" every time. I am however able to open the session again and find that it saved the prior session correctly.

Please help.

MacBook Pro 2.33 Intel Core Duo 2GB
OS X 10.4.10

MBox 2 Mini (also own 002)
Protools 7.3.1

G-Tech Drive 500 Gig (this drive cannot be changed to audio record volume)

Boot Camp 1.3
-win xp pro