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Default Re: Some things I\'d like to see in PT 8 HD (or 7.5

[It's so frustrating to see the hardest or softest hit velocities and not being able to select all of them as a group and just drag them (more than one at a time). The only way i could do this now is to audition the notes one by one until the target note is found! I know that one can select velocity ranges and filter them but why not have this feature so the edits could be done at the spot, without specifying them via the velocity filter... Please?


i second this one...velocity editing could be vastly improved...would also be great to hear the note change as you move the velocity up and down. Good to hear that Digi may have some help from old MOTU folks...I'd love to see more MIDI processing like the retrograde and reverse functions in DP also. i think velocity editing in Logic and Cubase is far superior to DP though.
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