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Default Re: To HEAT or not to HEAT?

Originally Posted by tetonica View Post
Ah - I actually did measure with Audio Suite > Other > Pro Limiter Loudness Analyzer and the HEAT mix got to 14 LUFS while the non-HEAT was originally 16 LUFS

Then I re-worked the HEAT mix to match the original mix at 16 LUFS (just tweaking "Pro Limiter" at the end of master bus). Then I listened to both mixes and they sounds very similar, except the HEAT mix has a little something else that is pleasant

In the end I'm just testing it before I make a decision to upgrade my vanilla Pro Tools (permanent license) to Pro Tools Ultimate + HEAT. I know there are plugins that do something similar (tube / tape saturation) but none is integrated in the mixer like HEAT (which i think is elegant).

Besides the sound, I also I like the blinking yellow lights in the mixer tracks when HEAT is working, reminds me of vintage tube amps
Great - if you like it, go for it
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