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Default Re: How to properly setup the original Mbox with the MOTU 828mkII for monitor control

Originally Posted by ankely View Post
I run a MBox and a MOTU828.

Out of MOTU828 ch 7&8 into MBox 1&2.

Out of MBox 1&2 into MOTU828 7&8.

I then set up, using the MOTU Audio Setup, the MBox as the Monitor In.

This way the MOTU828 is the hub to go to monitors etc. and I can monitor the MBox and record to the MBox from the MOTU828.

I record into the MBox via MainStage and/or Waves GTRSolo for guitars, etc.

Hope this helps.
Thank you, that helped

but would my setup connection do just fine or am I missing something here?
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