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Default Re: Control Surface v. Mouse and Keyboard

Originally Posted by Ellis Beckwith View Post

I've downloaded the Control App to an iPad and been learning what it does. I'm leaning now toward a combination of it and an Artist Mix to have rotary control of plugin parameters and of course, the faders.

Do you know if the Artist mix encoders will work the plugin controls on the Control App?
I would do dock plus control over mix as well.

You can put 8 plugins parameters on the mix, but they wont sync to the control app page you've selected. Only the dock will do that, which makes sense because they work together.

To access plugins on the mix you will have to hit the insert button on there, then select the plugin, then page through the parameters (8 at a time). And you can choose to have them on the faders or the knobs via flip. This works independently of what the control app is doing.

The dock/control is nice because it works with the control app and shows 4 pages of parameters on the control and you can select which you want to edit with the knobs.

Do you use automation preview mode (PT|U only)? Are you doing music or post? You might also check out an old command|8 along with the control app.
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