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Long live the ICON's! Oops, wrong forum.

Seriously though, IMO the humble D-command is a better controller than the S-6 for "mixing records" (I don't do post work, so). I had my second demo of the new S-6 software a week ago, and there was only two things I wish the D-command had, and I get by just fine without them. I know that the S-6 is supposed to be ergonomically correct, but again the humble D-command has it whipped. I think the S-6 could be a viable option if they would make an alternative center section. I don't need an ocean of buttons that I will barely use. And I don't fancy having my arms in the air all day long navigating and controlling plugins on the flat screen. Rather give me a set of controls (ala D-command center section eq and dyns panels). Put them at my fingertips because faders, eq and dynamics is the bulk of the heavy lifting and I'm on them constantly. Make all plugins controls so that they're always the same function, or at least laid out in a logical way. Random parameter spilling on the control knobs of the S-6 is a nightmare scenario for me. Yes, the S-6 is supposed to be modular, but honestly, all of the possible layouts shown to me are all a compromise. None of them hit the mark and allow me to get home earlier, or make my product better. And the S-6 costs how much?! Again, these comments are based around MY needs as a music mixer, and not a post mixer. Of course we're all different, and I do wish that the S-6 was a product that made me drool, but unfortunately, it's not.

For better or worse, my .02 cents.
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