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Default Re: Window content too small

Sorry to resurrection but this problem just cropped up out of nowhere tonight. My screen looks exactly like what the OP posted here at the start of this thread.

I haven't been using my Pro Tools 10.7.1 program since last summer and tonight when I opened it up, it looked absolutely fine and normal for the first hour or so......... then it all went to hell.

But then after clicking through a few things in the dropdown lists like Midi Editor, all of a sudden my windows font sizes were reduced to sizes so small you can hardly make out what they are. I don't know what happened here. I am running windows 10 on a pretty large monitor (not sure the size or resolution just off hand) but I never had this problem before in the year and a half that I used PT on this computer.

I tried closing PT and re-opening it, I even restarted the computer and the problem still persists.

What the heck just happened and how can I resolve it?
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