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Default Re: Pro Subharmonic Issues

There are two other issues with this plug in:

The older version can cause delay compensation issues. For me, I feed this using a send feeding an AUX. The AUX feeds into the main Sound Effects Sub Bus. If I don't feed something into the AUX, the final bounce of the Sound Effects Sub Bus comes back 1 FR early.

If you have all of the parameters enabled on the plug, but don't write to them - the Frequency 'Range' parameter can change after closing the session and reopening.

Originally Posted by epm View Post

Just upgraded to 2018.4, newest avid plugin installer pack, and I'm experiencing a discrepancy in levels on tracks with Pro Subharmonic after the update. Varying degrees of differences depending on the setting, but especially with the "Distort" drive mode. (10-12 db hotter on new version) If i roll back my pro subharmonic to the older version, my sessions play back correctly, but with the new aax plug all my tracks with pro subharmonic are off.

I submitted a case to avid, and I'm currently running the old aaxplug but I don't know which one is "right". I only have the 2 versions to test. Anyone have different versions I can compare?

The newest, where I'm seeing the issue is:, and the only older one I have, that I had installed, and am rolled back to now is

Tested on various systems, HDX / HD Native / Fully native. All 2018.4, OSX 10.12.6. Some Mac Pro 5,1, Trashcan, Mac Mini, Macbook Pro.
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