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Default Re: Pro Tools 8 M-Powered Pops/Clicks with Guitar Rig 3 Kontrol Audio Recording

Despite my underlying cynicism, I'll agree that any lack of compatibility between PT8 and GR3 is probably not due to any deliberate intention on the part of Digidesign, but the "delicacy" of their compatibility aspects is a bit frustrating. In my experience, Digidesign tend to deliver pretty solid products and I was close to opting for their "Eleven" software as opposed to the GR3, but their were some elements of the GR3 product that ultimately influenced my decision in favor of their application. I suppose my situation is simply the result of rolling the dice on making a premature upgrade as opposed to holding out for at least the initial round of update patches, but PT8 offered up some improvements in some areas that I was anxious to explore. Anyways, I'll post comments on my experience from this point forward, which will hopefully be favorable, or at least constructive for others who've found themselves in a similar situation. Thanks again for your feedback and any other observations will be appreciated as well.
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