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Default Latency with LLM + Sends Persist Normal?

Kind of a hard question to describe, but Iím using an Apollo twin into pro tools 2019.6 ultimate (not sure if that matters) and monitoring thru console.
For tracking guitars Iíve been wanting to use the ďsends persistĒ function and run a delay or reverb while utilizing LLM (since Iím monitoring thru console).
My buffer size I have set to 128 (anything lower and there is no noticeable difference other than higher CPU usage). With a simple delay setup on the send, Iíve noticed that I get a slight hesitation in the signal hitting the delay plugin. Iím assuming this has to do with the difference of monitoring thru console, and the audio running thru PTís playback engine, but is there any way to reduce this at all?
Mind you, this is all going thru a writing template that Iíve built which has a lot of busses and returns so I can call up whatever on the fly and when it comes time to mix, it would be an easy segue. Also, I did route my tracks that I usually track just straight to my main outs instead of running them thru any bussing, and noticed a little less latency, but itís still not quite there.

Any ideas or thoughts and reducing this?
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