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Default MC524 not passing audio on all channels

Dear folks

I have an MA703 receiving from MADI 0, and a 5.1 Control Room output. I can see the CR outs on the MA703 meter, but I'm only getting one channel of audio through MC524, the R/Pin#11.
The MA703 is connected to the MC524 via a cable (XLRF-Elco90) supplied by Avid, and I'm pretty certain the breakout from the MC524 is correctly wired according to the documentation (Elco90-XLRM).

Now, looking at another thread in here, I realise I can just NOT use MADI 0, and repatch to another MADI output in Patchnet. If I do this, then I presume I would just overpatch the Monitor outputs too to allow talkback?

What advice can the forum offer regarding the best way to sort this monitoring?

Sorry for the newbie questions, struggling on my own in Qatar

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