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Default Re: Do Lacie Drives have the Oxford Chipset?

Hi sorry if this post is dead but i need some info from peeps in the know.

I need to buy an external drive to use with pt8 003 + macbook.

i have whittled it down to these two:

OWC mercury 1tb firewire 400 / 800 oxford chipset

Lacia Quadra 1tb fw400 fw800 possibly an oxford chipset (still awaiting their reply)

Glyph drives seem really expensive in the UK,

does anyone know or have any experience using either drive i have picked?

I have read that the lacia drives are good but mixed info on wheather they use the oxford chipset or not.

any info would be most appreciated,

i should mention that my 003 + macbook both have fw400 connections but i am down with using a 400 - 800 cable if needed for daisy chaining.

are there any limits to the size of the drive is 1TB appropriate? with all the recommendations surrounding partitions ?

never done this before so a little confuzzled,

many thanks for your help
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