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Default Live Tracking... Whats your Opinion

Hello everyone... Its been awhile since i've been back on the DUC (so long that I've forgotten my password)...

Anyways, Heres what I'm trying to do.

Live Recording.. 16 tracks at a time, for bands at there concerts or practice spaces.

I have a Digi002r + ADA8000 Berhinger... So i can record 16 tracks at a time.
I'm a little hesitant to use Pro tools to start recordings Live music for a 2hr + period of time... but I'm sure that i can tune it to make it pretty sold.

My question is to the people that have used multiple DAWs and hopefully have tried to do what I'm attempting.
I can either use Cubase SX 3 or Protools LE 8.

Cubase SX will be used for tracking only and then import the .wav files into Protools for edit and Mix.


I'll just tune my system so that Protools can handle it.

In the past I've had my system tuned so that i could record 16 tracks for about 5+ hours with no session stops.. but i had to re install and now i have to go through that whole process of tuning again.. which is what i want to avoid. Even though i had the system tuned that well i was always nervous that it would stop session because PT(atleast for me) always seemed to have a mind of its own..

Also, if there is another program that you recommend for JUST tracking that is rock solid and can compensate for any hick-ups in the system please let me know.


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